Moonshot accountabilities; a contributor joint

Continuing the discussion from Updated Moonshot Collective Operating System:

Moonshot Collective is an open and diverse network of builders, hackers, and regens. We focus on experimentation and innovation that advances the purpose and essential intent of GitcoinDAO.

As we prepare to enter Season 15, we wanted to outline and document the accountabilities of our contributor tiers, further expanding on the work we did on the collective operation system.

Core contributors are dedicated to GitcoinDAO and the Moonshot Collective workstream. Core contributors carry the highest degree of accountability for the workstream’s success.They are expected to foster and grow the culture of the collective, proactively participate in the strategic planning of the workstream, while also driving the execution of work towards our initiatives that align with the essential intents (EI) of Gitcoin.


  • Attend and proactively bring value to core syncs, strategy sessions; driving us toward operational excellence.
  • Implement and maintain lean teams, ensuring scopes of work are clear and composable.
  • Work in public by providing frequent, transparent updates and allowing participation and feedback from the community.
  • Mentor and guide trusted/core team members when appropriate.
  • Hold other core team members as well as initiative teams accountable on outcomes and commitments.
  • Participate in peer review sessions.
  • If multisig signer, safely complete transaction review and act in a timely manner.

Trusted Contributors are generally not exclusive to GitcoinDAO or to the Moonshot Collective workstream. These are contributors who have made meaningful contributions to the community, initiatives and/or whom the Core team has gotten to know their skills such that they fill a unique gap in our contributor team. Trusted contributors are considered first for initiative teams, but are not necessarily continuously staffed to one. They have the greatest amount of flexibility in defining how many hours and when they work on Moonshot Collective initiatives. They are matched to initiatives according to their availability and skills.


  • When on an active initiative, adhere to the working agreement, provide updates, and work publicly.
  • Participate in context calls and provide feedback.
  • Fulfill commitments made to initiative team and provide transparency on status of those commitments
  • Provide feedback on key initiatives and strategy discussions
  • Proactively participate in shaping the direction of the initiative teams

Moonshot Citizens are the most common designation for Moonshot Collective contributors. There is no expectation of any particular time or effort contributions. Citizen roles on initiatives will be made available when we do not have bandwidth or the needed skill set within trusted contributors.


  • Provide feedback on key initiatives and strategy discussions
  • Participate in context calls and provide feedback.
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