Mobile friendly website

The current view in Safari is not very user friendly. I propose fixing it. :wink:


I concur wholeheartedly! I had been wondering if this was just me.


I absolutely agree with you it would be great if we could optimize it

Thanks for the report. I created an issue for this on the repository so we can address accordingly. Wallet Connect QR code clipped on mobile in Quadratic Lands · Issue #8966 · gitcoinco/web · GitHub


No problem. I just opened the page in Brave and Chrome iOS apps also and got the same result. Attached screenshots to your Bug post.

Don’t know why, it’s working fine my chrome mobile on one phone but having trouble on another -_-

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Absolutely. Not just safari either. Looks like a general mobile browser issue

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Facing this problem too.
For me running on safari but only on dashboard menu ,the others work pretty smooth

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I hope something would be done about it swiftly.

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I can provide some context that might help to move things forward with more robust mobile support in the Quadratic Lands.

The token drop experience will come to an end Wednesday June 23rd, 2021. If the mobile issues you’re experiencing are related to the token drop (especially if they are preventing you from claiming tokens), it might be better to explore a workaround. I know that we do have users that have successfully claimed from mobile so we might just need to find a phone/browser/wallet combo that works for you.

On the other hand, some of the re-playable missions like changing stewards could persist past the initial distribution. For those missions I think it would make sense to dial in more through mobile support. However, I think there is a desire to decentralize these missions in the future too so we should keep that in mind.

I wonder if @phutchins might have some ideas about mobile support moving forward especially in regards to a decentralized QL?


Thank you for your suggestions.
I had no issues on my PC, so was not really looking for support. I just wanted to let someone know it was broken for some users.

I think the best short term solution is to simply turn off the sliders in the mobile view. A new project with a broken website will be a turn off for some potential supporters. Particularly this project since GitHub is focused on software development, users will expect your code to work.


don’t bother. mobile use is unserious at this stage and should be discouraged. ban mobile users before wasting money on this. force more knowledge on them. force them to burn their gtc if they fail tests.

The site is lovely, it would take about 3 minutes for the developer to turn off the slides in only the mobile view.
Every computer user is also a mobile user. This simple glitch will cost nothing to fix. What will be gained by fixing it?
Having a broken site is like showing up at a job interview drunk.
Appearances matter.

You were joking? Right?

I think you should buy a Huawei phone

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I agree. Would be happy to optimize it.

If you have not only mobile phones but also Huawei tablets and laptops, I believe you will be surprised enough to buy a Huawei mobile phone!

Facing this problem ,I absolutely agree with you it would be great if we could optimize it

I think we have to optimise for mobile so many users. We would be losing great potential for a lot more users.

I think you should get a browser that works for your device as we highlight possible browsers to work with.

Irrespective of devices and browsers, a mobile friendly service should be the search for easy use.