MMM to stagger S20 budget request by two weeks

In light of budget and strategy season, I thought it was important to update you all that MMM has decided (with the permission of CSDO) to stagger our budget request by 2 weeks to ensure that our plans are aligned with agreed-upon product strategies and roadmaps. This is an experiment that, if goes well, we will continue in future seasons.

In past seasons, the marketing team has felt a great deal of pressure to create meaningful strategies and budget requests alongside the workstreams we serve with very little information to inform and reference in said plans. Instead of “gestimating” what we should be working on, MMM has waited for updates to product roadmaps and strategies (which we have now received – thanks team!) and has begun to draft a budget that is inline with approved product budgets.

Please expect our strategy + budget to be posted to the forum on Mon Oct 30.

We anticipate that this will create a more realistic foundation with which to operate as a team and resource accordingly. In fact, we are already seeing this move pay off for the creation of our S20 marketing plans.

We don’t anticipate our actual request amount to change massively due to this shift in process. Rather, you may notice that our resourcing plans will be much more intentional and we’ll be in a much better position to support the DAO from a marketing perspective.

Thanks for your patience and participation in budgeting season :cowboy_hat_face: