Messari Governance Alerts for Gitcoin


My name is Tomas, and I lead the governance research at Messari. We’re happy to announce that we just launched our governance alerts for both off and on chain votes AND forum discussions available for 100+ DAOs!

In addition to the free coverage of proposals (for all users), our Pro & Enterprise users can now set up real-time Daily, or Weekly digests for the DAOs they want to track and see the Gov Alert emails (see the example below).

Where can you use it?

  • Add or edit bulk alerts on the new Governor Alerts management area under a user’s profile here.

We’ve set up a special 15% pro-tier discount code exclusively for the community, making it more accessible for you to try out our services: GITCOIN.

Hope you find this useful, please enjoy it and feel free to share it with your community!

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Hey @TomasM
Thanks for the follow up and thanks for extending the 15% discount. Recall that when Gitcoin met with Messari back on Feb 8th (Jack, Jacob, and Ryan) we requested that in exchange for providing governance feedback for your proprietary tool, Messari would make public goods data / analysis free of change. I was not looking for a commitment from the team at the time, but I was assured that we gave some really good feedback which I can see has been worked into the end product. This being the case, we would love to work with Messari to bring your collective intelligence on public goods, to public goods, as a public good.

hmu on discord at shawn16400#5507