Make your own Green Pills!

Hey folks,

I’ve gotten a request a couple times from ppl who want to make their own green pills to promote the Green Pill movement. The greenPill movement is about spreading the impact of regenerative cryptoeconomics.

So this is a write up that enables anyone to do it. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Get some green tic tacs.
    • You can get these in many places, here they are on Amazon.
  2. Order some Green Pill labels
  3. Combine the two.
    • Youll likely have to make cuts in the sticker on each tic tac in order to make sure that each tic tac box can be opened.
  4. Green pill the world!

Green pilling Aya Miyaguchi

Green Pilling some frens at ETHDenver

Post your own pics below.

If you do this + green pill anyone, Id love to see some pictures of it! Pls post pictures of yourself greenpilling ppl below


Hey ya’ll ! I did this at REFI SUMMIT with a twist. I ended up giving away 6 packets of 4 packets = 24 and spend less than around $30 on the whole thing.

Instead of buying the stickers to paste on the tictac box, I just sized up the labels and printed the design at Fedex Kinkos. Then I cut them out and scotch taped the labels on. Easy peasy.

Here is the google doc I used:

Note the white space goes over the tag on the back. I thought about adding a QR code but didn’t put in the extra effort/time. I did see a guy with a branded NFC tag on the back of his phone which are super cheap better than business cards in 2022.

I’m sure the quality was less than the original but it was still a fun experience to hand them out and culture building gift. I just gave the entire packets out inside of individually green pilling folks. I became immediately aware of giving seemingly candy to random women strangers just seemed to not be the right vibe lol. There were a couple of far reaching tweets I will see if I can gather them and post photos.

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just updated your trust level for the forums. try now!

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i just requested access! wanna make it world readable?

haha yes please ! I was wondering if it is blurry and how to refine that. I can still read the one on my desk fairly well.