Let's create a forum to Educate newbies

How about we create a forum where we can educate newbies on how to navigate the cryptospace. The Crypto community is growing very fast and it can be daunting to new comers. Maybe we get something started.


Very nice idea, I think. And if you don’t mind I would also like a forum where developers can teach people who are willing to learn.

I’m really eager to learn web3, but can’t afford to pay for it…

@comfortuezekwe@gmail.com :crossed_fingers:

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That is a really nice idea! Cryptocurrency is spreading very fastly and it will be best for the younger generation to be educated in this field to make the electronic currency legal and usable for safe payments.

So, I am a “newbie” to gitcoin, although I do maintain a very low profile account on github. I created a profile here at gitcoin a while back when donating to a few projects.

I just found today a message in an e-mail account, one of my less active of nine, that averages about 26,000 incoming emails each month, that informed me of gitcoins afforded me due to prior donations and participation.

I realize that prevailing wisdom determined a clawback was the appropriate action for any that did not have gitcoin’s token allocation as a top-priority during their pre-set allotted determination window, but am wondering what the parameters were for deciding the variables and factors of influence?

Clearly reasonable people such as those one might expect to exhibit that of gitcoin’s community, determined their method according to sound logic and mathematics.
Would you please pass along your equation?

If anyone believes this post in poor taste, please e-mail y000ul0se@gmail.com to initiate a dialogue.

I assure you that I did not highlight your tacky and “new monied” approach to whatever your pet name is for your pseudo-coin giveaway, with built in pre-set clawback mechanism (y’all should really market that), to stir the pot. Rather, to either to reveal how cheap and void of any meaningful proclivity towards goodwill that the gitcoin community is, or how fragile their ego’s are, if the case was that the allotted time was all fragile ego’s could handle having not been noticed, when offering such a kind gesture.
Either way, not good looks. I’m glad you have mine, otherwise I would have to spend the gas sending them back to y’all. The only other project that was similarly ego driven and tacky to this extent was that of Badger Dao, and though they have bounced back due to potential roi. I myself bought and profited… they will of course fall again. Don’t choose a similar path.