Karma GAP for Gitcoin grantees

gm Gitcoin community!

We released a new product called Karma GAP (Grantee Accountability Protocol) that can be used by grantees to post updates about their projects. This is a good way to keep your supporters updated on all the progress you have made since the previous Gitcoin round.

All this information is stored onchain and can help grantees build up reputation. For supporters/donors, it’s a great way to see all the progress the projects have made with the help of your donation. If you are a donor, please encourage your grantees to post updates.

You can create your project, add a grant and start posting updates here: Karma GAP - Gitcoin community grants. We have even loaded majority of the grants from GG18 to make your life easy. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


Thanks for posting @mmurthy ! I’m loving the product so far and excited about the integration we’re exploring with Grants Stack for GG19. Would love for anyone applying to GG19 as a grantee to set up a profile and attest to their progress and impact!


There has been some really great conversations surrounding the grantee accountability protocol over the past a few days.

We certainly had a great experience with the GAP during the Beta testing in which we helped to find bugs :bug: in the ui/ux for their development team. They are very responsive to support tickets if you find anything yourself.

Today I believe it was mentioned that these types of accountability tools :toolbox: will become a standard for grant applications in the future of the Quadratic Funding & Retroactive Funding ecosystem.
I am excited for the donors of each project. Especially the ones that are looking for some sort of result from the previous season of campaigns to the next in the quarterly grant cycles of Gitcoin. The more transparent this process becomes for them with the display being integrated into the user interface of the grants stack explorer :compass: gives clarity to how their contributions have or will help each project that has completed their milestones.

Please :pray: correct me if I am wrong.

Link :link: to resource:

I believe there is also a way to setup a role with the Ethereum Attestation Station :station: through the Optimism plugin on GUILD that would allow for those who use Karma within their community to setup a gated role for grantees who utilize Karma or perhaps donors from each round as well.
It would be great to see how this type of permission based role tracking would work in combination with the Gitcoin passport to give roles to those members automatically in the Gitcoin server or any project that has a grant.

Helping to reduce the amount of sybil activity by simultaneously giving power users a way to signal who they are to the rest of the community by obtaining more roles related to impact attestations.

Kind of like a job application but instead of seeing all the details account abstraction is used to keep the users data from being seen. As long as they have achieved the onchain requirement of the attestation it shows they qualify for the role without giving away any extra information that could potentially be sensitive or intended to remain private.
Perhaps this may be something to look into which might help solve the human identity equation by putting checks and balances into place for the grantees evaluation from season to season.

This could be implemented alongside other roles created in Guild of members who hold a certain amount of GTC / OP to create the third party verification team of guardians who verify projects are reporting accurate milestones while using GAP for the track record history of their project. That is something else that was at the center of the discussion the other day.

I hope :crossed_fingers: my user experience with GAP and these other ideas for security integrations that are ready to utilize help to improve this way of impact reporting for the entire grants ecosystem.

If you are a grantee the Karma GAP is definitely the tool for you to get in the habit of using to help keep your mission on track!

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