January 2022; Whos hiring?

Hey workstream leads, do you have any positions open? Please list them below so that community members know about them!

@DisruptionJoe @ceresstation @kyle @phutchins @fred @krrisis @kyle

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Moonshot Collective is looking for

  1. Software Engineers who know React
  2. UX Designers

Join the http://moonshotcollective.space/ telegram and say hi in channel to get involved.


Gitcoin Holdings is looking for:

  1. Executive Assistant
  2. Customer Success and Operations Manager

You can apply at Gitcoin Jobs | AngelList Talent

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The Decentralize Gitcoin workstream is looking for:

  1. Senior Backend Developers
  2. Full Stack Developers
  3. Smart Contract Developers
  4. Project/Product Managers

If you are interested, reach out here: https://t.me/+y_mrlbrq4ns4YjYx


The marketing workstream (MMM) is looking for a Sr Marketing and Brand Designer.