Its time to level up our emails

As the growth marketer at GitcoinDAO I spend a lot of time on how we can improve our current impact, to make GitcoinDAO better, more efficient.

A key way for us to communicate is through our emails. Some emails are sent automatically upon an action (transactional) and some are sent manually (campaigns). And now we are now looking to improve our campaigns.

Our newsletter currently has ≈267K subscribers, that we send campaigns to regularly.
These emails are today created, tested and sent through Acquia, an open source email service provider that we send ≈3 million emails through every month.

After working in Acquia for the last 3 months, I’ve learned both personally and from our team that Acquia does not meet our current marketing needs. They don’t have the right tools to help us improve our communication and facilitate our goal to create a lean mean marketing machine.

So, what’s next?
Together with the team we’ve made a list of what we would like a potential new email service provider help us do;

  • Improve our ability to A/B test content and subject lines
  • Improve the workflow of creating a campaign
  • Better reporting
  • Provide tools to help us grow the email list
  • Make a more personal approach to connect the user with the content they want.

We also want to make sure that we partner with someone who values privacy, and only collect the necessary data.

We’re still early in this Web 3.0 journey, and for now we have not identified any Web 3.0 native solutions that enable us to do our job and serve our needs. So until then, we need to look to web 2.0 providers.

Hubspot is a marketing suite we feel solves our needs and will help us grow moving forward. They have market-leading marketing tools, reporting and usability. They also have a really solid knowledge base and a lot of tutorials to help us do our jobs more efficiently.

They also support open source.

I would love to get some feedback on this, as I think a move like this would benefit the marketing of GitcoinDAO and would level up our marketing significantly.