Is an anon mode helpful for Gitcoin?

I have been researching how DAOs make decisions and I am curious about anonymity. Since this feature is possible on discourse and is easy to enable:

  1. Have we considered enabling it here
  2. If yes, why, if not, why not?

My thesis is that optional anonymity would allow users to communicate candidly without needing to create a throwaway account, and would love your feedback on this.


If you’re referring to anonymous commenting in Discourse, the main reason we don’t do this is because of bots and spam.

That said, I do see the advantage of both 1) anonymous comments and 2) anonymous, private voting (not just shielded voting, but hiding of the final tally as well and just returning a y/n pass).

I’m currently working with a group called Fractal on 2).

If you have any suggestions on 1) that would minimize bot/spam action, please let me know. I’m happy to run some experiments to see if this feature gets used often and creates more productive conversations.


TBH that’s something we figured could happen. I have always thought that a reputation system (like stackoverflow) would be useful in gating certain features. (So you are not allowed to post until you lurk/ upvote, then comment for a while)

Of course, that would mean someone needing to create a proposal on Gitcoin would first need to ‘grind’ for a bit, or have accumulated Karma in some other way


Could be of great benefit in filtering applicants - let’s say if there was an anon time during the review period where the community could point out inconsistencies and where the grant review process should be focused to ensure a more even outcome.