Introducing Stewards Governance

Wow! Thank you :orange_heart: What a great FAM to be a part of! Great way to start off 2023


Hey I am Bipin

Gitcoin Username: Mrbnaik21
ETH Address: 0x9D7A509510B46E293902a85c35f0b57d8d9F94da

All that said, I’m beyond thrilled and grateful to continue my immersion by participating in one of the leading DAOs in the space. I believe Gitcoin will be foundational to the way we interact and operate in the future. I’m fortunate for the opportunity to continue my learnings here and contribute alongside some of the best and brightest.

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Gitcoin Username: @ale.k

ETH Address: 0x3B82E3df9531D6E1AcCBCB49Cb57440837301B1B

Discord Handle: @ale.k

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:
Hey all! I’ve had the great pleasure to have met and worked with many of you around the DAO, but for those who I haven’t (yet) met: My name is Alex (Alé when traveling internationally or online).

I joined Gitcoin as a core contributor within the FDD workstream at the end of 2022 and I am deeply grateful that I took the plunge to enter DAO-life. I have been so impressed by the skillset of the peers I have found here, and even more so the genuine good intent and fearless ideological parsing that goes on in this space.

Previously I spent time fighting payments fraud and scam behaviors at a cefi company, and before that fell into risk work at a silicon-based tech start-up. The reason I joined Gitcoin is the same reason that I think brings all of you here in one way or another-- public goods are good. And as a friend advised me as I was in early talks with @DisruptionJoe and @tigress - “Gitcoin is kind of like the living room of Ethereum.” I’ve found that to be true and I love that I have the opportunity to work to make that living room environment a fun and fruitful place for all of the amazing, future-leading projects in the ecosystem.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:
The skills I have used so far in my role as a contributor include on-chain mainnet and L2 analysis and more traditional data science practices. I am deeply excited to be hacking on ways for us to get our data into shape and prep for the hypergrowth that’s coming, and I see a huge opportunity for increased metrics of success to guide stewardship and course-correct strategy. Transparency != legibility, though - just because we’re in blockchain doesn’t mean we have the numbers and the heuristic data when we need it! So my intention as a steward is to help drive legible and actionable takeaways.

Since my background is in risk - I also am here to offer perspective on all things risk and trust-related. I am excited for how we’ll see this “risk mindset” entering every level of what we do to make sure we have a fair system for all. More on that to come!

  • Gitcoin Username
    • michaelgreen06
  • ETH Address
    • 0x78AC17874964fd681e76982379F74fE7D149E4Cd
  • Discord Handle (optional)
    • n00b_SaUce#3760
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    • I’ve been working in the DAO for over one year and want to get more involved in governance. I am especially interested to participate since we are now using GCPs to fund some of the core work the DAO needs like discord management & governance/stewardship management.
  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    • See above ^^^

Gitcoin username: @jengajojo

ETH Address: jengajojo.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

Ever since I have discovered crypto, I have been fascinated by the ability of a capture resistant parallel system being able to perform the actions of many inefficient institutions of the current age. In the era of exponential growth, the ability of legacy systems to serve the needs of humanity is diminishing at the same time new structures are emerging which are slowly starting to take over. Our main bottleneck as a global community is adoption

There are exactly 0 examples in history of people in power willingly giving it up, especially when we investigate paradigm shifts such as those from the roman empire to the church, or the church to the nation-state. We are at yet another paradigm change, and adoption won’t come easy!

When I investigate the reasons of why ‘innovators’ of the past paradigm shifts were able to gain adoption over the incumbents, I see a repeated pattern → Public Goods Only when the innovator was able to efficiently fund and build public goods (better than the incumbent) was the innovator adopted by society at large.

The true unlock for global crypto adoption is Public Goods Funding and the nexus of PGF is Gitcoin

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Governance Department Coordinator at BanklessDAO
  • Cobuilding a metagovernance group focused on positive sum actions, quality participation, decentralization and sovereignty (DAOStewards)
  • Recognized Delegate at 1inch DAO, where I recently helped donate $100K to earthquake relief victims in Turkey
  • Project coordinator for International Media Nodes, creating free crypto education in 15+ languages since 2021
  • Shilling gitcoin in BanklessDAO 1, 2, 3
  • Active governance participant at Gitcoin

Gitcoin username: carlosjmelgar

ETH Address: carlosjmelgar.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I’m passionate about developing real life uses cases for web3 tools that don’t revolve around investing. This passion comes from my own life experiences before and after access to the internet. I started experimenting with “Impact Onboarding” before I knew about the web3 public goods community or grant funding for building in this niche within a niche. Doing this from an emerging economy at times felt like it was pointless because I didn’t see many others in my region experimenting with impactful use cases for web3 and at times felt like the industry loved it in theory, but didn’t pay attention to it in practice. It’s become obvious that the public goods space is here for it and I want to help others, specifically in emerging economies, use crypto to regenerate the world.

My flavor of public goods doesn’t get the attention that OSS and Eth Infra do, and understandably so with the industry being built on top of those. At times we’ve seen important topics like DEI and Climate Solutions be close to falling out of consideration for featured rounds. I believe that’s due to a lack of representation from those communities. I don’t expect the core to understand the challenges faced in Latin America and the opportunity we have to help solve them with web3. Just like I don’t expect the anyone in tech to understand the importance of protection delicate marine ecosystems that contribute to our existence.

I would like to be considered as a Steward to increase representation of my region and builders using web3 tools for impact in everyday life.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Worked in web3 since 2020 as CMO, Biz Dev, product innovation, advisor
  • Founder of web3beach which has onboarded thousands of people to web3 through social and environmental impact
  • Community building
  • I’ve helped on a couple of rounds, mainly Climate Solutions
  • I actively advise many LatAm based Public Goods projects

Public Goods Son Buenos


Gitcoin Username: juanna
ETH Address: juanna.eth

Statement of Intention / Values & Reasons for Joining:
I’m Juanna and I’ve been contributing to Gitcoin since August on the Public Goods Funding team. Since joining, I’ve raised funds and handled our relationships with various partners for GR16, S17, Schelling Point @ Eth Denver, lining up Featured Rounds, and I was also responsible for connecting the movers from Gitcoin and Index Coop that created the gtcETH-- a treasury diversification product which gives a small % back to public goods–that was launched a few months back. My working background includes experience in tradfi, product design, and community management.

Current role at Gitcoin has been focused on building out our external partnerships, but in order to level up the strategic direction of our team and relationships, would love to be more involved in the DAO’s governance process!

Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Jr. Product Designer for
  • Community Manager for Rabbithole Pathfinders program
  • Working Group Lead for Index Coop
  • Community Lead for Anime Studio’s first IP
  • Creative Lead for Next Epoch Ventures (angel investing)
  • Community member @ FWB, VectorDAO, Bright Moments, Boys Club
  • currently: FT Ecosystem Development Manager for Gitcoin DAO

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration!

  • Gitcoin Username
    • birdsoar
  • ETH Address
    • 0x1eD18c0983C3F2aA2bf826701eA0c6208eb49322
  • Discord Handle (optional)
    • lh#0324
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    • When joining Gitcoin full time in March, part of my reason was to contribute more deeply in the dao and governance process. I’m all in with Gitcoin and helping make our collection of experiences (Grants, Allo, Passport) a success for our community and broader ecosystem. Gitcoin has reignited my passion for being of service in my work and I would love to contribute as a steward.
  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    • 10 months at Gitcoin, first as a part-time art director then as a full-time creative director.
    • 2+ years contributing to web3, first as an NFT artist and then as a Gitcoin contributor since July 2022.

Gitcoin username: 0xZakk

ETH Address: zakk.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I recently joined Gitcoin to start and lead our Developer Relations efforts and support Gitcoin through its transition to becoming a protocol DAO. In this role, I have supported the relaunch of Gitcoin’s Passport and am working closely with MMM, PGF, and GPC to launch Allo Protocol. Over the next year, I will build a thriving ecosystem of builders using our protocols to Fund what Matters and Protect what Matters.

I joined Gitcoin because I think crypto is in the midst of an existential crisis and this is the organization best positioned to realign the ecosystem and move us forward towards a positive crypto-economic vision. Too many people are treating the current economic climate as “just a bear market” and not the reckoning for crypto’s utility that it is. Jon Oliver’s recent episode on crypto is pretty damning. He and the rest of the world have plenty of evidence they can point to to say crypto doesn’t solve a real problem. I think the call that only Gitcoin can answer right now is to give the world an overwhelming amount of positive evidence for the impact crypto can have.

Both in my role as DevRel lead and as a steward, I will keep myself and others focused on this north start.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Active participant in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2019
  • Co-founded the Solidity Guild, a collective of smart contract engineers and auditors
  • Co-founded Cabin, a DAO building a decentralized city
  • El Cap Contributor, focused on web3
  • 0xMacro graduate
  • Consulted with many large web3 communities, including SeedClub, Chainverse, and DAOMasters
  • Coding instructor at General Assembly (3 years teaching full-time, 2 years teaching part-time)
  • Previously built and sold a small product agency
  • Extensive experience building award winning, high-traffic homepages at nclud and Subject Matter

Catching up on some of our newest batch of Gitcoin Stewards!
@mrbnaik21 , @ale.k, @michaelgreen06, @jengajojo, @carlosjmelgar, @juanna, @birdsoar, @0xZakk

This cohort includes a cefi crimefighter, a long time Gitcoin contributor, a Governor from Bankless DAO, a marketing exec, a tradfi refugee with experience at FWB, VectorDAO, and Boys Club, and an NFT artist + Gitcoin contributor.

wow. only in a DAO can you bring together this kind of diversity. Thank you very much for joining us.

Below is our onboarding plan which will give you a great starting point. Please do hit the “Get connected” component to make sure you have the inside track.

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Gitcoin username: alexalombardo

ETH Address: alexalombardo.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I started investing in crypto a few years ago but didn’t really dive into the space until 2021, when I joined my first DAO. I was running my creative/product studio and we were increasingly taking on web3/crypto projects as I was contributing to DAOs on the side, which is when I heard about a specific opportunity to support on brand marketing at Gitcoin.

At that time and still today, I’m drawn to Gitcoin for the following reasons:

  • Our use of cutting edge tech
  • Our commitment to community-level positive impact and our role as a bridge between crypto/web3 and the real world
  • Our support from the wider community - who clearly feel deeply connected to the organization, our founders/people and our mission
  • Our focus on more equitable, democratic resource allocation and funding opportunities
  • Our potential for stronger visual and verbal communication techniques
  • Our enablement of self-sovereign, independent contribution and empowerment, plus flexibility and ultimately, balance

I saw Gitcoin as good - good for the wider ecosystem, good for communities I care about, good for me - and I hoped this would mean I’d be able to show up to “work” as my whole self, something really important to me at this stage of life. We seemed to be values aligned and there was a need gap my skills could fill, meaning I could add meaningful value, also something important to me.

It’s been nearly a year since I joined the team to help drive brand marketing, strategy and storytelling as we move from impact to protocol DAO. Today, I find myself more excited than ever to come to work - the people, the products, the problems we are solving. It’s one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

In this role, I’ve helped bring structure and thought leadership to the marketing team as we build out initiatives across Gitcoin and its evolving range of products and sub-brands. I’ve worked closely with GPC, PGF and DevRel to build out plans from big ideas to tactical implementation and execution. Currently, I’m working across teams on the positioning and planning for the launch of Allo while simultaneously thinking about our brand architecture and how we can level up across the board, especially with compelling branding, storytelling and marketing channel tactics. I’m also thinking about how we leverage our existing brand equity to drive a thriving culture of public goods.

All of this has brought me to want to participate in governance in a more meaningful way - it seems incongruous to not be more engaged. As a contributor and as a steward, I hope to help keep us true to our collective vision, values and priorities.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Engaged with DAOs, projects and builders in web3/Ethereum since early 2021
  • Founder of creative/product studio, Atomic Number 8, in 2019 where I lead all strategy work/creative direction; we’ve done a lot of strategy, brand identity and design work in the web3 space including: Coordinape, Chainverse, Radicle, Playground and DeviantArt’s new token; currently taking a break from longeterm projects to focus on Gitcoin
  • Active member of FWB and Boys Club
  • Graduate of SheFi S7
  • Soon to be ex-Techstars (my 4th startup, a web3/AI enabled digital fashion app called Esoteric, is part of the London Polygon x Techstars accelerator, wrapping this month)
  • One exited startup (an AI-powered healthtech startup sold to a major dermatology practice) and one failed startup (an online functional food marketplace, sunsetted post-COVID)
  • 10+ years experience in corporate strategy, brand marketing, product marketing, digital marketing and branding

Grateful for the opportunity to keep growing with all of you.


Hi. Thanks for this introduction to the stewards.
I have a few questions:

  1. What sybil attacks have you stopped in the last 2 rounds. I only see links to the last 2 rounds, I cannot find any information about the actual sybil attacks that were stopped.

  2. What information did you use to look into all grant recipients? Is this information transparent? The new explorer format doesn’t post the entirety of the wallet addresses for the grants looking to be funded.

  3. Can you provide me with more information on the steward cards? The process is unclear, as the get involved link leads to the main grants donation page.

  4. Also what is the Kharma score that stewards have to meet?

  1. Where can I find this information?

  2. Should these stewards be participating in Grant rounds?


Gitcoin username: Jeremy

ETH Address: gitcoin.jkd.eth

Discord Handle: Jeremy | Gitcoin#7018

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I am excited to express my interest in becoming a steward for Gitcoin DAO. I believe that my skills, experience, and passion for Sybil defense ensure that I will be a successful steward. I am committed to actively participating in the decision-making processes and contributing to the direction and success of Gitcoin.

I recently joined Gitcoin as Product lead and workstream co-lead for Gitcoin Passport. I joined Gitcoin because this product is a critical primitive to unlocking web3. If we can eliminate bots/Sybils, we’ll unlock the potential for so much, from better airdrops to quadratic voting. So much is possible if we can eliminate Sybils!

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

I bring a diverse range of skills from 16+ years in product management leadership across a range of VC backed startups. I’ve been deep into Crypto since the end of 2019, mostly around NFTs and gaming, which has exposed me to a variety of DAOs from a contributor / consumer perspective, excited to take those learnings to improving Gitcoin DAO from a leadership perspective.


*Gitcoin Username

*ETH Address

*Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I grow up in a very ethnically eclectic and politically chaotic country, Turkey. I studied sociology and psychology, and read Foucault a lot. Experiencing, witnessing, and knowing are very different things. Centralized governance is dysfunctional, and creates and reproduces inequality which leads to corruption and violence. Decentralized decision-making empowers the whole. I’m interested in decentralized governance and funding mechanisms as a person who has had “authority issues” since an early age. I’ve decided to learn and deep dive into the governance space and learn more about the issues, potential, and how can we solve and design things on the interface level at the beginning of this year. I become a full-time researcher of decentralized governance space. I completed a UX research case study and governance tool UX checklist

As a UX person and ex-product manager, I see Gitcoin as one of the most important entities that try to embody the values this space advocates and I’m vibing with it, vibing with the people in it. Therefore I would like to not only participate in the decision-making process to better understand, and detect the participants’ needs but also to complete my DAO governance tool UX case study and create new solutions in the governance space as a UX specialist.

*Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I’m a facilitator - I’m a study group host in Token Engineering Academy for UX designers and Social Scientists

I’m a UX designer (not a good UI designer yet)
I designed hi-fi wireframes of the Osmotic Funding tool for Blossom Labs

You can find more about me on my Notion Page


Wow - this round of delegates include a deep thinker from Token Engineering, the creative force behind a lot of Gitcoin latest branding, and an experienced product manager who will help Gitcoin make the most out of passport and provide solid leadership.

We welcome @Lara @Jeremy @alexalombardo

Here is our onboarding plan which will give you a great starting point. Please do hit the “Get connected” component to make sure you have the inside track - and get invited to the fun stuff…

get connected !


I wonder if there should be a max amount of voting power per delegate in relation to quorum.
For example, if a delegate has Voting Power of 1.68M that is 67% of quorum. Tally | kevinolsen.eth
So, 2 delegates with > 1M of voting power voting = quorum met. Tally | Gitcoin delegates

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Gitcoin Username: @borisdyakov

ETH Address: borisjose.eth

Discord Handle: borisdyakov

Twitter: @BJ_Dyakov

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reasons for Joining:

A scientist by training, my web3 journey began in mid-2021 as I was exploring ways to use technology to more effectively fund scientific research and to align incentives across academia and industry. As I “went down the rabbithole” and began to see the coordination potential of DAOs and crypto more generally, I became involved in the emerging DeSci movement through LabDAO.

Over the next year, I was inspired by the parallels between the public goods funding work being done by Gitcoin and what I hoped to build for the world of science. I joined PGF as a part time contributor in S17 to establish DeSci as a community-run round and got a first hand look at how Gitcoin operates, the challenges it faces, and the massive potential held by this community.

As a steward, I hope to help Gitcoin advance towards becoming a hyperstructure that is able to sustainably support public goods like open source software and scientific research. The 6 weeks I spent at Zuzalu showed me just how important of a role Gitcoin plays in the Ethereum ecosystem, and I am honoured to support and advocate for it.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills:


Gitcoin Username: meglister
ETH Address: meglister.eth
Discord Handle: catjam__

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
I joined Gitcoin because I felt the organization and products we’re developing have some of the biggest and longest-term impacts on how the Web3 industry expands its impact and perception, even outside of Web3. I’m deeply passionate about public goods (fun fact – I wrote my college thesis on community-owned forests as a public good) and pair that with a background in product strategy and leadership. I’m excited to further that mission by becoming a Steward and actively participating in governance!

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
I’ve been working in Web3 for the past 3 years in product and operational leadership roles across both centralized orgs and DAOs. I recently joined Gitcoin as Product Lead for Grants Stack. Before joining Gitcoin, I was VP of Product & Ops at Flipside Crypto, where I also led MetricsDAO. I previously served on the leadership council at Index Coop and currently contribute to the leadership of Rehash DAO.


Gitcoin Username


ETH Address


Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining

Blockchain technology is fundamentally about democratizing access to public goods. In my view, Gitcoin is the primary organization pursuing, developing, and deploying those values to the web3 community. Even in this “bear market,” Gitcoin has continued to push the envelope with the Grants Stack and Passport initiatives, putting it in pole position to emerge, in the next “bull market,” as a leading voice for grant-making and secure identity. I also believe that DAOs, once the concept and structure matures, will be a tremendous way to rapidly innovate new products, services, and offerings in web3, and I’m glad that Gitcoin has taken up the mantle of that maturation. It’s rocky, but someone has to do it! So, take those factors together: grants, identity, and DAO development. That’s my reason for putting faith in Gitcoin’s future and wanting to participate in it.

My Web3 Qualifications / Skills:

  • I work as the Senior Director, Lead Product Manager for R&D at the National Basketball Association (NBA), where blockchain technology represents a core component of my portfolio
  • I study philosophy and history at the City University of New York-Graduate Center with a special research interest in virtual identity and digital ethics
  • I serve as the co-chair of the Digital Asset Management committee within the Metaverse Standards Forum
  • I have been a member of the Friends with Benefits DAO since 2021, and have actively participated in both the Arkive and Golden communities
  • I have given several lectures on management and roadmapping of emerging technologies at Columbia Business School and George Washington Business School, as well as talks at TMRE and NFT.NYC