How to Contribute to Decentralize Gitcoin

TLDR: Head to for DAO onboarding instructions and to get involved in the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream.

Does decentralizing Gitcoin sound interesting to you? Do you have knowledge or skills in open source, programming, decentralization, crypto, or other relevant areas? Do you want to be a part of moving this initiative forward and contribute your time?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you are in the right place.

Sign Up

This thread is to serve as a general ask for help and contributions. If you would like to contribute in some way, please visit and follow the instructions for DAO onboarding.

As we identify and define areas where we can accept community help, we will post threads on those specific asks and will update this post as a way to locate those threads.


We have begun development on the dGrants project. All development is being done in the open on Github. You can run dGrants yourself, keep an eye on our progress, and contribute by heading over to our Github Organization. The core codebase is contained in the dgrants repository.

Architecture Review

Two architecture proposals have been drafted by independent third parties in collaboration with the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream. These proposals are intended to spark conversation around the design of dGrants but not to be the source of truth or final design specs. We are posting those documents here for open review by the community.

Chainsafe Architecture Specification
Scopelift System Overview

In the coming weeks, an overall specification that is an aggregation of both of the specifications above and the updates and discoveries that we have made will be shared for open review.


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