Hello web3studio 👾

Following the announcement of web3event.co last week I wanted to share an update on the creation of another business unit within the web3event.co entity:

web3studio will be a lean/mean product development studio that will incubate projects that create utility for the world, the web3 ecosystem, GitcoinDAO, and revenue for the web3eventco business.

The projects that web3studio works on will be outside of the DAO’s essential intents, which are wholly & completely the domain of the DAO. That said, there may be some projects that are built on top of Grants 2.0/Passport.

Our research backlog

Here is an early look at the research areas I would like to tentatively focus on:

0. Events/bounties business refresh

What: A refresh of the events & bounties portion of the web3events.co events business. The web3 studio will be supporting a completely new product build out that allows developers & other web3 workers to find opportunities to earn & learn in web3.

Right now the events/bounties portion of web3event.co relies wholly on the legacy monolithic codebase. The goal of this project is to (1) move off this codebase (2) support a pivot into a more lucrative/impactful direction for this business.


  • If you know anyone who wants to run a virtual hackathon, please contact me on Discord (Owocki#1337).

1. Public Speaking & Media

What: I plan to be a loud voice in the ecosystem advocating for regen/solarpunk/sybil resistance/quadratic funding/more democratic web3 institutions.

I plan to launch an entire series of “research in public” that is focused on digital identity & sybil resistance. Guest List: BrightID, Upala, Filecoin Green, Orca, Bryan Ford, Humannode, Chase Chapman, SBF, Daniel Erhlichman, Ceramic, Disco, GoodDollar/ Spruce, PolygonID, More episodes with Daniel Schmatenberger

See also: GreenPill Podcast Season 2 - Digital Identity & Sybil Resistance


2. Grants > SimpleGrants

What: A fiat quadratic funding tool that is easily forkable + allows anyone to run USD-based QF in their local communities using stripe.

Builds on the success of DowntownStimulus 2020 campaign + eventually could be extended to interoperate with Grants 2.0.


  • If you are a dev/product manager who is interested in researching/building in this area, please DM me on discord (Owocki#1337 on discord).

3. Grants > Impact Certificates

What: Partner with Protocol Labs to build a protocol for impact certification NFTs + an ecosystem that produces & consumes them. If successful, this project (1) builds a relationship with Protocol Labs (2) creates a business model for any ImpactDAO + (3) eventually supports an integration of Effective Altruism on Gitcoin Grants.

See also:

  1. Proof Of Impact 🌱 [Proposals Wanted]
  2. Quadratic Funding x Effective Altruism - #2 by owocki
  3. Impact Certificates | Evan Miyazono, Head of Research at Protocol Labs | Green Pill #21 - YouTube


  • If you are a product manager who is interested in researching/building in this area, please DM me on discord (Owocki#1337 on discord).

4. Build sybil-resistent dApps

What: Build the first dapps in what I expect to become an ecosystem of sybil resistant tools built on top of Gitcoin Passport. This ecosystem will of course kick the tires of Gitcoin Passport + spin the flywheel of Gitcoin Passport. ( Flywheel: More Users => More Stamps => More dApps => (repeat) ) but the primary objective would be to create utility for users/web3event.co


  • If you are a dapp dev who wants to build the first tools on top of Passport, please slide into my DMs (Owocki#1337 on discord).

5. “How to DAO” book

What: Working with @puncar-dev to publish a book tentatively titled “How to DAO” with a mainstream book publisher. The goal is to become the canonical resource on why/what/how DAOs for everyday people. Books that have accomplished this goal which are analogues: “4 hour work week” by Tim Feris and “Lean startup” by Eric Reis.


  • None at this time

6. Pluriverse Lore Generation Project

What: I am working with a few community members who are hoping to create a schelling point for media/lore about coordination failure, the pluriverse, and what effect web3 could have on the world. This project will produce media for the ecosystem (the greenpill book, the Ethbot/Moloch comics are an example of the type of projects that may be created by this). At scale, this may become a DAO of it’s own, modeled after Cellarius Network, that expands and enhances the lore of the Solarpunk ideology in the ecosystem by continuously conceiving of + launching media projects


  • If you are interested in learning more, you can join this telegram group. The project will likely launch at MCON 2022.

7. Quadratic Funding Social Network

What: A lens protocol based social network that curates posts based on microtips powered by sybil resistent Quadratic Funding. This would be built on the traction generated in this post + built on top of Grants 2.0.


  • If you are a smart contract dev who is interested in experimenting with lense protocol, please DM me on Discord (Owocki#1337)

Feedback welcome

This list is prioritized by which projects I think are the most promising. That said, these research areas are subject to change + not finalized. This is an early look at web3studio, and I plan to narrow down this project list to 2-3 projects to focus on in the coming months.

I am open to feedback, especially if one of these projects excites you. I also want to make sure that none of these projects collide with anything on the DAO roadmap, as I am wholly & completely committed to making sure web3event.co has passed the torch of the DAO’s essential intents to be the domain of the DAO.


A few projects that you might consider for the studio.

Wincen - A project from Takuya to incentivize metadata creation for DeSoc / Identity. I can introduce on Discord.

DeCartography - A project looking at using unsupervised learning to better cluster and label behavior patterns for DeSoc. The Founder already built it in Japan and is used as a Civic Tech tool by municipalities. Now for web 3!

Ethelo - Better decisions by large groups of people. They are launching eDemocracy DAO and will be providing service similar to PoH and will likely integrate Passport into their app before GR15.

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thanks joe, im already aware of / connected to Ethelo. would love a demo video of Takuya/DeCartography and/or an intro to them.