Hello supermodular.xyz (fka web3studio) ๐Ÿ‘พ

EDIT: web3studio has been rebranded to supermodular. please see this announcement video or this announcement tweet thread for more.


A few projects that you might consider for the studio.

Wincen - A project from Takuya to incentivize metadata creation for DeSoc / Identity. I can introduce on Discord.

DeCartography - A project looking at using unsupervised learning to better cluster and label behavior patterns for DeSoc. The Founder already built it in Japan and is used as a Civic Tech tool by municipalities. Now for web 3!

Ethelo - Better decisions by large groups of people. They are launching eDemocracy DAO and will be providing service similar to PoH and will likely integrate Passport into their app before GR15.


thanks joe, im already aware of / connected to Ethelo. would love a demo video of Takuya/DeCartography and/or an intro to them.

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Your item 4 seems high priority โ€˜Sybil resistant dappsโ€™.
Anything that has to do with peer reviewing, upvoting, down voting (such as we are focused on in DeSci) as well as (your) QF allocations will hinge on having this โ€˜fire wallโ€™ integrated into it, (thus, as you spell out, preventing bad actors from gaming the system.)

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Also, by the way, wondered if our FrontierRegistry (on-chain science publishing) would fit the bill of your Buidls for incubation? If so, would love to connect on Discord ( I am ArtemisP#6726)
Thank you Fren

Image from Gyazo

Here is the demo video DeCartography cc @DisruptionJoe @owocki

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So a bunch of community members (gated by passport i assume) can simply select how similar they think any 2 projects are and this will split a pool of rewards between the reviewers AND give us a k-coefficient for social distance?

Is that correct?

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thatโ€™s correct. but, weโ€™ll actually use Google login until beta.