Hello web3event.co 🎉

Gitcoin Holdings is in the process of renaming itself. Say hello to web3event.co (or w3e for short)! :tada::tada::tada:

My small ask for everyone is to stop referring to this entity as “Gitcoin Holdings” and instead begin referring to it as web3event.co or w3e for short. Another phrase you could use is “web3event.co (formerly Gitcoin Holdings)”.

Note that w3e may still continue running virtual events at https://gitcoin.co/hackathons under the Gitcoin brand for 18 months, per the terms of the asset transfer. But when we are referring to the entity itself, we should call it web3event.co, w3e, or “web3event.co (formerly Gitcoin Holdings)”.

(thanks @octaviaan for the beautiful work on the brand for w3e. and thank you to everyone who assisted with the asset transfer to get to this point)


Congrats, and welcome to the world w3e!

I really wish I could call it w3ebs (weebs when speaking it)… The web3 events business? Weebs!!!


I really like the logo too :raised_hands:

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Hello Web3event, (w3e)

Welcome to the chaos world :wink: