GTC Distribution Q&A

Hey everyone!

Just since we’re getting a lot of questions about the distribution I wanted to create a single canonical thread to help folks determine if they should / shouldn’t have GTC and where to go if they have more questions.

First if you haven’t already, please read the announcement post introducing GTC:

If you have a more specific question check out our FAQs here:

If you’ve checked all of the above and still believe there might have been a mistake with your drop, follow the instructions below and submit a form for our team to look into!

Please note that for eligible participants, there is a 30 day period to claim your tokens, so this post will likely be sunset at that time.

Excited to build public goods with you all, thanks for being a part of this :pray:


Hello support team
I donated grants cart 7 item gitcoin (Mar-10-2021 11:30:42 PM +UTC)
But i have not GTC
TX check please

Thanks you !


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Hi sir, please check my account

Gitcoin: @ywsxiao | Gitcoin
wallet: 0x1cC6335f6dD86733fA316F6569690e338f43b527

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I would also like to observe / contribute.
Calls are currently my 1-5am (Oceania - my apologies). Is there a view to including other time zones (+ languages?)

Im so exited about gitcoin (GTC) it will be get a good price and brand in future

Hi there Gitcoin,

Thankyou for giving us the opportunity for this airdrop, Im hoping if you were able to assist with my account on Quadratic: 0x168e
Wallet linked to the account is: 0x580Ba3f7a1fA2793185f80e394CC4e3426b820E1
It is showing me that I have GTC voting power (200+ tokens), but no tokens function to claim. it is delegated to the same address as well
I have completed a few mission controls but it wont seem to update with my github as well :frowning:
I also did not receive the airdrop as I was a grant owner in February (if you check my github account as well)

if you could please assist <3 love you long time