GTC Distribution Q&A

Hey everyone!

Just since we’re getting a lot of questions about the distribution I wanted to create a single canonical thread to help folks determine if they should / shouldn’t have GTC and where to go if they have more questions.

First if you haven’t already, please read the announcement post introducing GTC:

If you have a more specific question check out our FAQs here:

If you’ve checked all of the above and still believe there might have been a mistake with your drop, follow the instructions below and submit a form for our team to look into!

Please note that for eligible participants, there is a 30 day period to claim your tokens, so this post will likely be sunset at that time.

Excited to build public goods with you all, thanks for being a part of this :pray:


Hello support team
I donated grants cart 7 item gitcoin (Mar-10-2021 11:30:42 PM +UTC)
But i have not GTC
TX check please

Thanks you !


Hi sir, please check my account

Gitcoin: @ywsxiao | Gitcoin
wallet: 0x1cC6335f6dD86733fA316F6569690e338f43b527

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I would also like to observe / contribute.
Calls are currently my 1-5am (Oceania - my apologies). Is there a view to including other time zones (+ languages?)

Hi there Gitcoin,

Thankyou for giving us the opportunity for this airdrop, Im hoping if you were able to assist with my account on Quadratic: 0x168e
Wallet linked to the account is: 0x580Ba3f7a1fA2793185f80e394CC4e3426b820E1
It is showing me that I have GTC voting power (200+ tokens), but no tokens function to claim. it is delegated to the same address as well
I have completed a few mission controls but it wont seem to update with my github as well :frowning:
I also did not receive the airdrop as I was a grant owner in February (if you check my github account as well)

if you could please assist <3 love you long time

Hi @ceresstation,
Is there any publicly available formula that you used to calculate rewards for each user?
It would be very helpful for me, as I need to split the reward between my personal contributions and my contributions on behalf of the company

Thanks in advance

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Hi @0x168e , can you join us in the Discord #GeneralSupport Channel please? We will be able to assist you there :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a great evening!

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I don’t qualify, Even though I participated in many projects I don’t know what went wrong