Gitcoin Grants Round 10 Virtual Hackathon

June 16th - July 7th, 2021

Join us in the Gitcoin Discord to discuss all things grants, hacks, and more!
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It’s time for another celebration of Ethereum and Web3

Grants Round 10 begins June 16th with the biggest matching pool yet, ready to be distributed to our community for funding public goods! Grants CLR rounds are an experiment in mechanism design, community governance, quadratic funding, and decentralized identity. We want to applaud the Ethereum community, the success of our current and past grantees, and the donors contributing to the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

During each quarterly round, our community rewards the hard work and contributions others have already made, while also funding the projects we believe will make the largest impact in the future. During Rounds 8 and 9 we began running “Stacked Events” by pairing a hackathon with the grants round, encouraging the community to support a decentralized future by either building or donating to projects (or both!)

Why register for the GR10 Hackathon?

  • The GR9 hackathon was our biggest ever, with 2250 participants, 17 sponsors, and over $350,000 worth of bounties up for grabs - and we want to go even bigger this time around!
  • Gitcoin will be running a series of webinars, workshops, and community discussions for the grants round and hackathon together with industry leaders, grantees, and hackathon sponsors, matching pool funders, and more. Whether you’re joining to learn new technologies, meet others in our community, chill and/or shill - there will be something for you!
  • Developers are encouraged and provided guidance to convert their hackathon project(s) into grants for future rounds.

We’d like to invite you to join us to build the future of Web3, learn from online workshops, open new grants, and if you can, help fund great projects that are contributing to the public goods ecosystem.

Workshop Schedule

All workshops and community sessions will be hosted on the Hackathon Airmeet - Link and schedule to come soon!

Add the Gitcoin Community Calendar to your personal Google calendar to see when new events are happening!

What is Gitcoin Grants anyway?

If you’re a new or returning hacker, but haven’t ventured out to the Grants side of the Gitcoin platform, you’re in for a treat! Gitcoin Grants is an experiment where people can fund their open source projects for public benefit with QF (Quadratic Funding) matching contributions from Gitcoin’s Matching Fund, sponsored by donors in the Web3 ecosystem. By using QF, even a $1 donation to a project you support can earn them a match of 10-100x that amount.

Grants Round 8 saw $555,000 in contributions and $500,000 in matched funds distributed across 566 projects .

Grants Round 9 saw $1,380,000 in contributions and $500,000 in matched funds distributed across 812 projects . (Bonus - check out Vitalik’s retro)

If you’d like to learn more, open your own grant, or donate, visit the grants about page and wiki to learn more!


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Check out the Prizes

Visit the Prize Explorer to check out the prizes posted by our hackathon sponsors. Click each prize to show important details, including the submission requirements, submission deadline, etc.

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Join the Hackathons Chat Workspace

Chat with other hackers, ask sponsors and the Gitcoin team questions, find or create a team, and communicate real-time. Click here to join the party!.

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Start Work via Gitcoin

When your team is formed please have one of your teammates navigate to each prize page you plan to compete for and click the “Start Work” button.

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Build your cool ideas and make your vision come true with your team!

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Submit Work via Gitcoin

When your project is completed, submit your work by clicking the “Submit Work” button on the prize page/


This GR10 will be successful as the past GRs have been…can’t wait to contribute to nice projects. :+1:


I cant wait too for this round, im so exited for this


nice information, im just waiting for this round


gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddd informationss


mark me dude if the event has been started


Soon will update the information. Wejust wait for it


I can’t wait to for Round 10, countdown for 16/6

Hello…new registered account in gitcoin,can donate and elligible on airdrop rewards??

I’m anticipating a great result for this. I just can’t wait!

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Its only possible if you’re 100-150% validated.
Do so if you haven’t done it.

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How to validate… please teach me🙏

Hmm around 50 minutes left. I can’t wait for round 10 :heart:

Me es dificil comprender un Grant , o el conjunto de ideas pero hare el esfuerzo.


lets GooOOOoOOoOOoOO \o/ gitcoiners!!!

so great! This round will be incredible

Morning…just donated 3 grants…3dai each…hope to be eligible in this airdrop…with 150 % trust on my profile :pray: