Grants Labs Product Strategy Review June 2024

Meeting Notes: Grants Lab CASE and Product Strategy

Date: June 19 2024

Link to slides: Share_Product Strategy_061924 - Google Slides


  • Core contributors to Gitcoin
  • Meg and @owocki presenting


  1. Review 2024 Product Strategy Introduction to CASE and its integration with the product strategy.
  2. Introduction to CASE and its integration with the product strategy.
  3. Breakout sessions for in-depth discussions.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Introduction and Objectives:

    • The meeting aimed to address the integration of CASE (Capital Allocation Strategy Exchange) into the overall product strategy, especially as Q3 approaches.
    • Emphasis on maintaining a casual yet productive conversation with active participation from all attendees.
  2. Overview of Gitcoin 2.0 and Product Strategy:

    • Reflection on the nascent success of Gitcoin 2.0 launched earlier in the year.
    • Acknowledgement of the need for adjustments and improvements while maintaining core goals, such as distributing $50 million through Allo and focusing on grants = growth.
  3. Key Focus Areas:

    • Customer-Driven Innovation: Leveraging Gitcoin’s expertise in grants programs to offer customized and consultative solutions to partners.
    • Improving Grants Administration: Addressing challenges faced by grant administrators with better tooling solutions.
    • Embracing Multi-Mechanism Future: Incorporating diverse capital allocation mechanisms into the Gitcoin ecosystem to enhance product offerings.
  4. Strategic Projects and Initiatives:

    • Examples of successful custom builds were shared.
    • The importance of making these processes repeatable and reliable to handle multiple large deals efficiently.
  5. CASE (Capital Allocation Strategy Exchange):

    • CASE aims to incorporate mechanisms developed by others into the Gitcoin product suite, enhancing the ecosystem’s capabilities.
    • Development of the Allo starter kit to facilitate quick and efficient integration of new mechanisms.
    • Publication of the “Capital Allocation Strategy Handbook” detailing over 30 potential mechanisms for future on-chain coordination.
  6. Product Strategy and Future Outlook:

    • Projected financial goals and distribution of GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) across various mechanisms.
    • Discussion on the anticipated pluralistic ecology of tools contributing to GMV, with no single dominant mechanism.

Action Items:

  • Conduct breakout sessions to gather feedback and discuss the strategy in detail.
  • Continue refining the Allo starter kit and integrate new mechanisms as part of CASE.
  • Focus on improving customer-driven innovation and grants administration processes.
  • Monitor and adjust the product strategy based on ongoing feedback and performance metrics.

The meeting reinforced the importance of CASE in the product strategy, emphasizing customer-driven innovation and efficient grants administration. The team remains committed to achieving the set financial goals while continuously improving and adapting the product offerings.

These notes are taken from a meeting transcript summarized by ChatGPT.