Grants Lab Monthly Meeting - June 2024

At the start of each month, the Grants Lab team has an hour-long meeting that primarily focuses on strategy and progress against our goals. This month, we focused on our financial position as well as how we’re pacing against our Q2 goals. I’m linking the presentation here, as well as including an AI-assisted summary of the notes for anyone interested!

Link: Grants Lab Monthly_June24_GovForum - Google Slides

Key Updates

  1. Hiring Update
  • No new hires are currently planned. We have filled some key leadership roles within Grants Lab and aspire to be a lean, agile team.
  • Recent key hires include Jehana leading marketing, Henry on Dev Rel, Dan leading Sales, Huss as Sr FS Eng, and a new head of product who starts on July 1st.
  1. Educational Initiatives
  • Sejal and Lau NaMu reviewed learnings from the Easy RPGF pilot program, which ran over the previous 3 months and resulted in $2M in GMV.
  • We are learning that there are many similar needs and tooling opportunities across funding mechanisms.
  • Additionally, Sejal and team are leading an educational session on EZ RPGF, aiming for 100% participation from team members.
  1. Sales and Financial Pipeline
  • Daniel Schuman provided a detailed update on the sales pipeline:
    • A total of $17.83 million in weighted GMV, with $13.689 million related to Grants Lab.
    • Ongoing discussions with potential clients + significant opportunities on the horizon.
  • Financial health remains strong, with the treasury benefiting from upward GTC price movement and diversification into USDC.
  1. Challenges and Opportunities
  • Recognized challenges include ensuring cohesion between Grants Lab and other teams, and updating outdated apps.
  • Emphasized that we’re solving operational problems rather than existential ones, with a focus on leveraging market opportunities in grants.
  1. Future Goals
  • Upcoming budget cycle will not request additional funds due to a healthy treasury.
  • Continued focus on pipeline development and client acquisition.
  1. Meeting Conclusion
  • Financial review and further pipeline updates were shared, emphasizing the positive trends and future opportunities.