Grants Data Round over Round

Hey frens,

This is the first post in the lounge category. Not sure if its the right place, but it seems Iā€™m not sure where this would fit in the other categories (edit: moving to the public goods funding category now).

Anywho, I am a big data nerd, and I wanted to surface some of our internal dashboards of round over round stats for Gitcoin Grants. This data provides our best view on the history of the growth of Gitcoin Grants round over round, but I cant guarantee it with 100% accuracy.


Round Over Round

See these stats live on

Round 10

Round 9

Round 8

Round 7

Round 6

Round 5

Round 4

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1


Just about 15% growth in the number of contributors from round 9 to round 10. We are growing at a significant rate.

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