Governance Research Round on as part of GG19

Hi Gitcoin fam. Sharing that Metagov (site, twitter) is running a community round as part of GG19 focused on Governance Research! You can see it here and apply here.

The overall goal of this round is to generally support more rigorous research on decentralized governance. We are especially interested in getting more academics who are not currently working on web3 questions to get closer to the web3 space. As a result, the focus of the research does not need to be on web3 specific topics (though any focus on our funders of Arbitrum and/or Uniswap would be appreciated), but it does need to be able to inform DAO/web3 governance somehow.

We have already announced this to our 850+ person community and to the 30 people who filled out interest forms earlier in the year (mostly academics). We are really excited to see a) how much support can go to folks working on gov research and b) how many interesting outputs can result from that.

We are in talks with the Karma team to potentially use their Grantee Accountability Protocol as a way to track the results of this round.

If this round goes well (in terms of a) # of researchers applying to it, b) funding received by researchers, c) feedback from funded individuals, and d) outputs after 3/6 months), we will work on running at least one if not two of these rounds a year to support more governance research.