GitcoinDAO - Year in Review

As GR14 comes to an end with a record-breaking turnout I’m excited to announce the publication of the GitcoinDAO - Year in Review! :birthday:

On May 25th we celebrated our first year as a DAO. Throughout the year we’ve published weekly newsletters with the latest and greatest from the various moving parts of GitcoinDAO. Today I’m thrilled to share our very first edition of a yearly review! :tada:

The Year in Review aims to encapsulate the highlights and accomplishments from last year and recognize our fantastic set of contributors, stewards and workstreams. Part of the document is also dedicated to explore this new year of possibilities and ambitions.

This last year has been incredible and I’m grateful and humbled to be part of such an amazing group of individuals tirelessly working towards building a better future for all.

Sending virtual hugs to everyone who helped and a very special thanks to @umarkhaneth & @IamJvck :green_heart:

(Psst, there is a puzzle hidden within the document. The first person to solve the puzzle will receive 200GTC and a $100 merch coupon for the Gitcoin swag store, good luck!)


It looks amazing @Fred - thank you for coming up with such a great initiative, it’s great to see so much progress in just one YEAR.

And many more to come!


For some reason I just thought of this and just found it by googling, ha! This is a work of art and it’s a work of people, all the people in the dao and especially the three of you of course. Warms my heart to see this, thanks for creating this <3

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