GitcoinDAO Digest #24 2022

GR14 Results are in! We had a record-shattering round thanks to our community of grants contributors!

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:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Earn a POAP for helping FDD to test new software for reviewing grant applications.
  2. Can you solve the puzzle in the GitcoinDAO Year-in-Review and claim the 200 GTC + $100 Merch reward? Hint: ASCII and ye’ shall receive! :eyes:

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • We’ve posted our Grants Round 14: Round Results & Recap! GR14 was a record-breaking round -with over 44,000 contributors who donated $1.7M to support 1,250 grants! These contributions also determined how to distribute the $3.2M matching pool using a quadratic funding algorithm. $4.9M in funding is going to fund public goods across our main round, 3 cause rounds, and 14 ecosystems rounds.

  • Janine wrote a proposal to ratify the results of grants round 14 and formally request the community multisig holders to payout matching allocations. The community can vote to either ratify the results or request further deliberation. The payout date for GR14 is currently set to July 15th.

  • Lindsey Thrift proposes a new DAO workstream, the ‘Gitcoin Product Collective’ (GPC) and budget to spin out of Gitcoin Holdings. The GPC has been working to build the core of the Grants 2.0 protocol, including the alpha launch of Gitcoin Passport. Now, they have their eyes set on building out the remainder of Grants Hub, Round Manager, and Passport. The GPC currently has 13 full-time contributors, plans on growing to 16, retaining consultants until then, and working closely with DAO workstreams such as MMM & Moonshot Collective. The GPC is requesting $1.44M from the DAO treasury. $984k of this sum is for a season 15 budget while the remaining $462k is for 60 day reserves.

  • Kyle Jensen provides the CSDO Monthly Decisions Summary, and will as of now be compiling a monthly summary of the decisions made in the CSDO operational calls to improve transparency into how the DAO is collectively deciding to move toward our goals.This month’s summary highlights two June decisions.

  • The GR14 Governance Brief by DisruptionJoe and FDD reports a significant rise in sybil attacks from ~14.1% in GR13 to ~22.1% in GR14. A large portion of the increase is attributed to Airdrop Farming. Despite this, access to Metabase led to “a storm of new reporting and models for identifying potentially sybil behavior.” Further, FDD managed to reduce the cost per review by 39%, introduce a new grant reviewer quality score, and process 42 grant appeals. All in all, the FDD workstream’s efforts mitigated $879k of Fraud Tax during GR14!

  • Sean shared an updated vision and mission statements based on GitcoinDAO’s ratified purpose and essential intents. The current draft of our mission statement is “We envision a world where pluralistic communities thrive by funding their shared needs autonomously & with legitimacy.” Sean also recommends we “make our essential intents measurable so we can track our progress against them.”

  • Kydo, a contributor at Llama provides a specification update on a public goods alliance between Gitcoin and Radicle. Llama will write a smart contract to exchange RAD and GTC between DAO treasuries and assign a representative to be joined by two from Gitcoin to serve on a metagovernance committee. There will be a parallel committee, with the same structure, from Radicle. Llama will request $20k in GTC for their service.

  • Owocki shares an update in his thinking, based on conferring with Lindsey Thrift, that before Gitcoin Passport can support implementing DeSoc, it first “needs to be successful at creating sybil resistance on Gitcoin.”

  • Last weekend, we co-hosted Funding the Commons with our friends at Protocol Labs! It was a gathering of regens and home to a special Schelling Point Unconference Pop Up. Catch up on the action over at Protocol Labs’ YouTube, watch Priorities for Public Goods Builders in 2022 with Juan Benet, and check out some of our favorite sessions featuring Gitcoiners:

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • While we’re still celebrating raising $5M for public goods with GR14, we’re also keeping our heads down to finish our post-round tasks, including:

    • Communicating with partners, individual donors, and grantees
    • Finalizing grants with FDD
    • Confirming results
  • We’re conducting a retrospective on GR14 to identify what went well and what can be improved before next round!

  • GR15 will be here before you know it and we’re already drafting commitments with our matching partners including Aave, Filecoin, Zora, Loot, Aragon, and Alchemy!

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Gitcoin Passport: We kicked off a new initiative to do discovery and prototyping of identity staking! We’re excited to see how we can make Web3 identity more secure and trusted than ever.

  • Governance Operations Scaling: Our research into Tally and Snapshot has been completed. With that, we wrapped up our wireframes for key user flows and voting on budget proposals with multiple options. We’re working on a frontend prototype for the latter.

  • Operations: We’re moving toward our scheduled contributor payment date of July 5th and making sure we have everything in place to execute. Additionally, the domain is now under our direct control and we’re working on updating the site.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • Grants Intelligence Agency: Our squad went hard for GR14 by successfully reviewing over one thousand grants with an average of 2.7 reviews for each grant! We also solved and sent results for all outstanding appeals and disputes. Finally, the Ethelo instance we stood up for dispute resolution has almost 400 people who signed up to help us review.

  • Data Operations: We successfully finished running our prediction model for GR14 and completed five rounds of human evaluation. Collecting data on flagged users is no small task and we’re happy to have gathered that data to prepare our reporting.

  • Operating System: Our workstream came together to pass a proposal to create additional clarity across the workstream in season 15 by streamlining much of our documentation into a single file.

  • Community Intelligence: Data-driven intelligence is at the core of what we do. For GR14, we’ve finished our search for the best weights across 27 billion choices to share. We also expanded our sybil hunting efforts beyond contribution analysis into the twitterverse by checking the number of twitter followers for suspected sybils.

Get a sense of how information flows through FDD by following the arrows in this animation.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • Our latest published blog post is about one of the original Gitcoin Grants: Ethers.JS. This open-source project has raised close to $300k on Gitcoin and was originally something Richard Moore built for himself to use when hacking on Ethereum. Now, it’s an industry standard relied upon by projects like Optimism, Metamask, and ENS.

  • We published a blog post about our partnership with NounsDAO. NounsDAO releases one 32x32 pixel art character each day, with an average price of 92 ETH. In December 2021, we entered a partnership to fund public goods with NounsDAO contributing 169 ETH and a collection of five custom NFTs!

  • Our Steward Health Cards are undergoing upgrades that will introduce a web3-log in and give ownership of the cards over to each steward. We’re also experimenting with the introduction of workstream-cards, with data from our Dune Dashboards.

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • CSDO: We’re rethinking our budget structure and are officially delaying budgets by one month, with the exception of the new workstream spinning up for the Gitcoin Product Collective (GPC) who are transitioning from Holdings.

  • We’ve completed a DAO-wide spend report for Season 14 showing:

    • $67.8M in our treasury
    • $2.9M spent on S14 budgets
    • 5.8 years to burn on our current course and speed

:hammer_and_wrench: Grants 2.0

  • Grants Hub: We’re gearing up for our MVP by making enhancements to our contracts, setting up a pinning process, ensuring our product is mobile-friendly, and supporting image upload. We’re also iterating on our application flow based on user research interviews and mapping our phase two user stories.

  • Round Manager: Our round manager can be thought of as three distinct sub-products. This week we focused on the latter two:

    • Round Manager dApp: the front-end that makes it easy for a community to operate a grants program without technical expertise
    • Contract ecosystem: the constellation of on-chain contracts that record core information and provide key operational functions
    • Program registry: the decentralized database that stores all relevant information about rounds on our Grants 2.0 protocol

:date: Upcoming community events

  • Drop in on our weekly DAO Vibes on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM UTC on Discord! We have been seeing great attendance and engagement and we would love for you to join us.

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

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