Gitcoin Update by Nación Bankless

Hi everyone we are CryptoReuMD the current champion of Nacion Bankless and Fabiancripto, Growth Member of Nacion Bankless a subDAO of BanklessDAO, we decided to make this report as we think and believe that this will make more transparency for the team and the future of our governance and also for all Arbitrum team and anyone who reviews it to see our full commitment.

TL;DR: Our mission is to help people around the ecosystem to learn how to use on chain finance and web3 opportunities, from jobs to full control of decentrralized tools.


We started our journey in the bull market in 2021, being part of the Translators Guild international media nodes, started working overtime and trying to push our values and mission more than ever and managed to start our own subDAO in May 2023. In this history we have had many tears, frustrations, joys and, of course, learning. From the beginning, we managed to work and use our time to be a broad LATAM coordination process, we started the proposals that are now the foundations of our ethos and ethics in crypto: Learning and teaching how to use all the tools for everyone, no matter where they are or how many times they need an explanation. Our prime movers were Ethereum ethos, Arbitrum Governance priorities, BanklessDAO, NounsDAOAmigos and Push and that’s what drives us here.

In the GG19 round of Gitcoin, we received a total of 2051 ARB, which allowed us to do the following:

1.- Newsletter: We published a total of 25 newsletters with the banner that resembles the alliance with Arbitrum, all these newsletters had a link and a CTA to visit 1inch x Arbitrum, below we attach all the published newsletters, with 5 oiriginal newsletters dedicated to Arbitrum and 1Inch:

22/01/2024 Nación Bankless | Coherencia inclusiva de nuestro comité de subvenciones | Resumen semanal de BanklessDAO
23/01/2024 Nación Bankless | Arbitrum y las diferencias con otras soluciones de escalabilidad
23/01/2024 Nación Bankless | Redes sociales descentralizadas en web3
29/01/2024 Nación Bankless | Arbitrum Nova y Stylus
01/02/2024 Nación Bankless | 1inch Fusion
03/02/2024 Nación Bankless | 12 constructores cripto que observaré en 2024
03/02/2024 Nación Bankless | El camino hacia la descentralización de capa 2 | Revisión de la capa 2
05/02/2024 Nación Bankless | Construyendo comunidad a través de las redes sociales | Resumen semanal de BanklessDAO
05/02/2024 Nación Bankless | 5 Airdrops de Solana que deberías estar cazando
07/02/2024 Nación Bankless | Bull vs Bear: JUP
08/02/2024 Nación Bankless | ERC-404 y por qué es importante
12/02/2024 Nación Bankless | Lens Protocol
13/02/2024 Nación Bankless | DApss y oportunidades para aprender con Arbitrum
14/02/2024 Nación Bankless | Lo que construyó Crypto en este mercado bajista
17/02/2024 Nación Bankless | Los agentes de IA son el próximo gran catalizador de las criptomonedas



Arbitrum is the fastest-growing and most secure layer 2 network. Don’t miss the opportunity to use 1Inch Fusion, a perfect swap with sandwich attack prevention and a beautiful portfolio view.

2.- Audio/Video: Since the partnership we have published _some videos, with an intro about 1inch x Arbitrum in each video. =)

Date Title Time Views Reproductions X interactions X reach Link YouTube Link Spotify X link
13/01/2024 Productos en blockchain, AI, wallets, Bitcoin ETF & stablecoins
00:06 34 4 13 648 Productos en blockchain, AI, wallets, Bitcoin ETF & stablecoins by Nación Bankless
17/01/024 La Interoperabilidad de Axelar con Ricardo Fuentes @usainbluntmx
00:06 30 13 10 308 La Interoperabilidad de Axelar con Ricardo Fuentes AKA @usainbluntmx by Nación Bankless
20/01/2024 Community Call - Enero 2024
00:06 64 – 15 367 –
22/01/2024 Metagovernanza con Brichis, su camino de éxito en web3, hackathons, comunidades y amistades web3.
00:06 66 8 16 840 Metagovernanza con Brichis, su camino de éxito en web3, hackathons, comunidades y amistades web3. by Nación Bankless
24/01/2024 Nerdconf: Networking, charlas, web3, inversionistas y mucha diversión con Ale Marin y Tomás Octavio.
00:06 64 2 20 2,389 Nerdconf: Networking, charlas, web3, inversionistas y mucha diversión con Ale Marin y Tomás Octavio. by Nación Bankless
30/01/2024 Bankless Card (bCard) llegó a revolucionar las DAOs :herb:
00:06 27 4 – – Bankless Card (bCard) llegó a revolucionar las DAOs🌿 by Nación Bankless –
TOTAL 285 31 74 4,552

We planned to do several things with the tokens.

1.- Firstly, we created a donation round on Arbitrum which was successful. We managed to raise $1800 in donations from 142 active contributors, which increased the chain activity of Latinos who had never used Arbitrum before. We would like to thank all the communities that helped. For more information, please refer to the following link:

Gitcoin | Explorer At the end, five teams were formed to create applications for creating attestations on the Arbitrum network in a simple and elegant way, as well as tools for DAOs.

Community Alliance, Beyond Coordination - DAO Grant Programs - Arbitrum These tools are yet to be implemented.

We also started to use Rarible as an experiment:

All the content that we made and create it’s inside our public Notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Token Distribution:

2.- We were able to maintain 4 months of DAO operations, despite BanklessDAO going through a complicated moment of restructuring, thanks to these donations that helped us stay afloat during these challenging times.

3.- CryptoReuMD is delegating 100% of the tokens to our favorite delegate and René delegating some ARBs to Angela Ocando too: ocandocrypto.eth's Delegate Profile.

4.- René was in ETH Cinco de Mayo, a little scholarship that we had with the ARB received, it was a wonderful experience to combine ARB with Push Protocol:

Also René destinated some ARB to the delegation of Angela Ocando,


Retro y funding 1332 ARB
Funding S10 512 ARB
Gitcoin Round Arbitrum 206 ARB

Incredible work we are doing in Nacion Bankless, helping other community by the hand of great protocols, boosting public goods and also by the hand of Gitcoin, let’s grow!!

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