Gitcoin stewardship

Gitcoin username ; free2ride19

Eth Address ; Address 0xB208f1308d60170BA3a9E9AB5c900E1C2A5d95a1 | Etherscan

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: Top approval rating for participation on gitcoin digest, workstreams, hackathon registration and bounty review.
Hopefully we can get more highlights in on the platform, Gitcoin’s grants protocol to run an initial round in time with the gitcoin governance forum as an opportunity for builders to access more resources tools on listings at the gitcoin dao. Good user experience and kudos to the team.
Good to hear from you, AIFUWA OMOREGBEE is my name from Nigeria, startup business consultation founder / ceo Learned worth consult.
A fintech contract and data initiative company.
We hope to learn from you in build up resources for integrated services.
We just got our grant approved on gitcoin

Please approve and reach on to me at anytime of the day on +2347045923687

Thank you for your response!
Learned worth consult
300212 EDO Nigeria.