Gitcoin Passport S21 Business Unit Budget Proposal

Gitcoin Passport S21 Business Unit Budget Proposal


Gitcoin Passport aims to be the go-to solution for web3 identity management. In Seasons 20 and 21, we’ll concentrate on five key pillars:

  1. Effectiveness: Improve identity scoring models
  2. Adoption: Grow to 1.5M passports
  3. GTC Utility: Strengthen GTC-based identity and community ties
  4. Data: Enhance and aggregate Sybil detection and data sets
  5. Partnerships: Increase both API and onchain partnerships

The budget for S21 (Feb 1st - April 30th) was previously approved and we’ll be moving funds with a Tally vote for $481,215 as the completion of that budget.

Given the announced changes to the organization, we do have two new roles we are hiring for (Product Marketing and Operations). Our budget request is slightly higher in S21, but we are under budget for S20. Details are outlined below in the Funding Request section.

Milestone Update: Season 20

Season 20 Update for S21 Budget

In Season 20, our top line growth picked up a bit, but was slower than we had anticipated going into the end of last year. We have a total of 900k unique all time passports. We also continued to drive strongly against our targets in GTC staking, hitting over 1.3M GTC staked.

We’ve also expanded our potential service offerings beyond the standard Passport & onchain Passports to include the new Ethereum Stamp backed a new Eth activity model. This is proving to be highly effective at classifying Sybils. It can also be used to score addresses without requiring any user interaction.

Milestone Report for Past Season


:green_circle: Success/Completed/Shipped
:yellow_circle: Incomplete but will hit goal/priority changed
:red_circle: Incomplete, will not hit goal
:black_circle: Cancelled

Initiative/Project Key Results Value Delivered
Improve Effectiveness

:green_circle: : 95% accuracy with Eth Stamp

Launched the new Eth Activity stamp which dramatically improves classification based on ETH activity and provides Sybil protection without user interaction.
Grow Adoption & Usage

:yellow_circle: 900,000 Passports

Continued to drive top line growth of unique Passports
GTC Utility

:yellow_circle: 1.3M GTC Staked

:yellow_circle: 15,700 Community staking


Staking remains strong, but will be a stretch to hit the 2M GTC target.

25% growth of community stake and will launch revamped identity staking during S21.


:red_circle: 150,000 Sybils

:red_circle: Catalog ~ 1,000 verified human users

We’re going to rethink our approach to this milestone as we are unable to build high confidence models to classify humans and validate on the scale we wanted.

:green_circle: 50 API Partners

:green_circle: 4 onchain partners

Strong growth in helping partners in a myriad of use cases.

We should hit our goal of 5 onchain partners in S21


  • While we fell short on passport adoption, we found success in GTC staking, continuing the path for utility. The upcoming revamp of identity staking, from smart contracts to UI, should continue to grow the utility of GTC.
  • In S20 we started to gain adoption from the partner side of onchain Passports with a new set of partners to onboard within the next season. Despite lacking full utility, onchain Passports continues to gain traction.

By revisiting our milestones and assessing both successes and shortcomings, we’re armed with invaluable insights for strategizing in the upcoming seasons. For more granular details on our past work and future plans, please refer to our previous budgets for S17 and S18 & S19 budget request, as well as the S19 Amended Budget Request and Passport Roadmap.

Budget Update: Season S21

We are maintaining a flat budget for S21, but incorporating previous costs and additional headcount that were previously allocated to the MMM workstream. The additional budget includes hiring a Sr. Product Marketing Manager, moving from part time to full time Operations, and adding consulting budget for GTM support.

Team Composition

Full-Time Contributors: 10

  • Developers: 4
  • Product Manager: 1
  • Data Scientists: 2
  • Workstream Lead: 1
  • Operations: 1
  • Marketing: 1
  • Support: 2 (previously shared cost with Grants Labs, moving to fully dedicated to Passport)

Part-Time or Shared Contributors: 5

  • Design: 1
  • DevRel: 2
  • DevOps: 2

Funding Request for Seasons S20 & S21

Requested Amount: Gitcoin Passport is requesting an allocation of ~422,118 GTC**, equivalent to approximately $481,215 to cover S21. This includes reserve and rollover funds.

Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted Budgeted
2023.11 2023.12 2024.01 S20 2024.02 2024.03 2024.04 S21 S20+S21
Total GP Budgeted Spend 149,239 170,864 158,489 478,591 169,864 178,864 166,489 642,216 1,120,807
33% Reserves 159,529 214,072 373,601
Past Season Treasury Balance 223,681 375,073
Total S20&S21 Request 414,439 481,215 895,654

Budget Evolution

S17 S18/19 Amended S19 S20 S21 (Projected) S21 (Actual)
Passport Budget $515,254 $589,846 $494,116 $478,591 $515,216 $642,216

** Note: The GTC amount requested and reserves will be updated based on market conditions when this proposal moves to Tally, using the lower of the current price or the 20-day moving average. (Currently @ $1.14 price)

Budget Breakdown

Breakdown staffing, contracting, operational expenses

We have meticulously accounted for upcoming expenses, aiming for a lean but comprehensive budget. Our 16-member team comprises roles in Product, Design, Engineering, DevRel, Operations, and Support.

S18 (Actual Spend) S19 (Projected Actuals) S20 (Requested) S21 (Requested) S21 (Adjusted)
Contributor Rewards $373,791 $318,102 $341,674 $349,799 $426,799
Contracting (Dev Ops, DevRel, design, Marketing) $114,192 $70,969 $75,192 $99,192 $149,192
OpEx (Software subscriptions, gas, audits, travel, professional development) $31,835 $42,236 $61,725 $66,225 $66,225
Total $519,818 $431,307 $478,591 $515,216 $642,216

Thanks Jeremy for posting. It looks like a mostly flat request, with a request for additional funds for marketing support (which makes sense to me given MMM spin down). I would support this given the results Passport is continuing to drive.


Echoing @kyle’s comments above and supportive of this proposal.


I also echo Kyle’s comments and am supportive of this budget proposal.


I’m supportive of this budget.

Both as a steward and someone who has worked more closely on Passport in the last couple of months, I’m really interested to see what happens with the team’s quest for PMF. There are a lot of promising markets and bets to make. I think if we follow the right paths, Passport could seize the billion dollar opportunity that is potentially available to it.


I support this budget request :+1:


One item to note, given the increase in the budget compared to the original request (for good reason given the changes in org design), I would suggest we go to Snapshot to ratify the change. I would hate to set a precedent that budget increases don’t need to go to a vote.

Given the 5 days on the forums and 5 comments from stewards, I moved this to Snapshot for a vote:

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Developer DAO voted in favour of this proposal. We’re less clued into budget specifics but we value the passport contribution to the ecosystem. Keep up the awesome work !