Gitcoin OG point of view [ Warning this is not a FUD ]

Unfortunately, I need to discuss two products and the shift in governance focus. It is very important to get new partners and new blockchains but it is also crucial to understand who is the cornerstone of this entire platform. So I would like to address some topics for us to discuss further and in my case to understand if it is just my perspective or if other people share the same point of view.


1 - The platform is totally outdated, its decentralized management is paving the way for scammers to circumvent developers (there is no cooperation to protect developers in this regard). The developer is encouraged not to report if he reports nothing will happen because the scammer can make a new account and again apply the same scam.

2 - The initial proposal is if you are a funder and you have already opened more than 3 bounty and never paid a reward (there is a problem there) You can no longer open a reward.

3 - Gitcoin Passport: we can use this beautiful badge platform to validate funders.

web3 is changing:

  • we need more integrations
  • currently, there is Dework (I believe that the Gitcoin treasure could interact with this platform and the bounty system be replaced by dework, this is an idea we can also discuss)
  • The Dework badge system is a very interesting system for curating developers and funders


Moloch already won here and nobody noticed

Public goods is a beautiful OUTDOOR on the avenue displaying the destiny of humanity, everyone sees it and wants to go there but not everyone has a wardrobe to get into Narnia.

I can list some ideas here of Goods with easy financing

  • Famous projects are benefited

  • Projects with famous developers

  • Projects with groups on telegram

  • Projects with a community structure

    But the problem lies if you are an anonymous and reputable developer, even if you get people to fund you you will not receive the correspondent. This happened to me in both rounds. I think I’ll need to fund a telegram group to have a large number of contributions and my grant to be valid for the platform to put me as a grant to receive from the quadratic fund.

    So I’m so grateful to Gitcoin for making me go deeper down the rabbit hole every day, but I’m not going to pass on these problems that in the future could end the platform, or does it want it to end? I don’t know. But it is hazardous, Gitcoin is a DAO with an expressive treasure and needs to be used and managed by diverse people from all over the world. That’s what the platform was at the beginning, but I don’t know if the Fitcoin values ​​are still strictly passed on to the new DAO holders.


Hey @codingsh - I meant to reply some time ago, but found this in my drafts. I wanted to surface it now as it is relevant to our future.

I really appreciate your thoughts on Moloch winning. Quadratic Funding is arguably to most democratic way to distribute funds, but it may not be the most “fair.” As you have called out, the popular projects get more funding (even if they are paying for promoted tweets, and ad click campaigns). This is because folks follow the herd and give to projects that are already acumulating popularity.

A while ago, we introduced “collections” as a means to combat this problem. Popular people instead of shilling a few grants, they could pick out the real gems, and then put them all into a collection (or a short list as we designed it in Allo) to then encourage donations to projects that may go unrecognized. This never really matured into what we had hoped, but that was mostly because we decided to abandon to centralized product.

I would love for us to explore this problem space in the future. its hard to build legitimacy and popularity in the space, but so many great public goods need us to do the research and fund what matters most to us (even if it is hidden).

As for the Bounties platform… It’s likely no surprise we have not invested here in a while, and candidly, we probably wont change that. We love some of the progress that other platforms are making, and we feel like really focusing on our grants protocol and stack (and sybil defense) is a better use of time. So, we are chatting more and more about what to do with the bounties platform, and we just turn it off sometime soon.

I would love to get your feedback on if this would be detrimental to your work, or if you have already found other platforms to offer more value?