Gitcoin Monthly Update: July '23

gm supporters, builders and champions of public goods :saluting_face:

We’re back with our monthly update for all things Gitcoin: Gitcoin Grants, Grants Stack, Gitcoin Passport and Allo.

Save the Date for Gitcoin Grants :trophy:

Mark your calendars for Gitcoin Grants 18! August 15 - 29, 2023. #GG18 applications open on August 1st. Interested in applying? Check out the eligibility criteria for more information and head to when applications are live.

:rocket: Product Updates :rocket:

Gitcoin Grants Stack :books:

We’ve been busy making improvements to Grants Stack to continue making it easier than ever to manage, discover, donate to and participate in grants programs. New this month:

Interested in Grants Stack but want to chat details? Fill out this Grants Stack contact form to be in touch with a member of our team.

Gitcoin Passport :shield::globe_with_meridians:

We’ve been busy improving and adding stamps to Gitcoin Passport, and improving our scoring algorithm to distinguish real humans versus bots and Sybils. New this month:

  • Added 6 new stamps: Guild, Civic, Holonym, Idena, Phi, & Hypercerts
  • Partnered with to enable Guild admins to protect Guilds
  • Created a new scoring algorithm based on both the newly added stamps & credentials, plus adjusted the score weighting of previous stamps to make it easier for humans to get a passing score of 20 and harder for Sybils/bots to get a passing score.

Shipping soon: On-Chain Stamps (more on this soon)

Click here to learn how to protect your project with Gitcoin Passport today.

Allo Protocol :fountain: :arrows_counterclockwise:

Allo Summer is going strong. This past month was big for us:

  • In partnership with our friends at Endaoment, announced the Universal Impact Pool, a new way to amplify giving with Quadratic Funding, powered by Allo. Read more here
  • As part of the UIP push, we gave a talk at EthBarcelona followed by a U-I-Pool Party with Endaoment. Check out the pics here

We also made a big splash at EthCC, using Funding the Commons, Schelling Point Sessions and the EthCC conference as an opportunity to preview what’s to come (details below).

What’s next? Allo v2 is coming.

  • Read the full overview of Allo v2 here
  • Look out for a formal announcement of testnet deployment in early August
  • We’ll be supporting the Fund Public Goods Hackathon this September in collaboration with Funding The Commons

Interested in building on Allo? Fill out this form to join our core devs community!

:sunny: Everything Else :sunny:

:green_circle: PGN (Public Goods Network) is now live on Mainnet. PGN is the world’s first L2 that works to create durable and recurring funding for public goods! Learn more about PGN here.

:fr: Paris was a whirlwind, and we’re feeling more energized than ever to build. Below is a roundup from Funding the Commons, EthCC and Schelling Point Sessions:

  • Grants as Sustainable Funding: Meg Lister, Grants Stack Product Lead, gave a talk at Funding the Commons all about establishing resilient grants programs. Check out the TL;DR here.
  • Possibilities with Allo: Zakk Fleischmann, Developer Relations Lead, talked about building on Allo, watch here; Kevin Owocki introduced Quadratic Lenster, watch here
  • Why QF: Kevin Olsen, Head of Engineering, talked about Quadratic Collective Intelligence here
  • Future of Schelling Point: This year at EthCC we opted for a new format for Schelling Point, called Schelling Point Sessions. While in the spirit of the conference people have come to know and love, these sessions are for smaller groups to come together for participatory discussion around a topic of shared interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we’re excited for where things are going. Join the conversation on the forum, built by our friends at Orbis, or join our Telegram community for ongoing updates!
  • A big thank you to our partners Drips, Salus, GoPlus, Celo and Octant for making the Schelling Point Sessions at Gitcoin House possible!

ICYMI, listen to the recording of our Community Call last week that gave a recap on EthCC.

Team Gitcoin :leaves:

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