🚀 Gitcoin Monthly Recap: September 2023

gm supporters, builders and champions of public goods :saluting_face:

We’re excited to share what’s new!

We’re back with our monthly update for all things Gitcoin: Gitcoin Grants, Grants Stack, Gitcoin Passport and Allo.

The GG18 results have been posted on the gov forum. What’s next? The results are in the process of being ratified through a Snapshot vote, then payouts are conducted. A detailed results post will be published on the blog after the results are ratified.

GG19 is busy being planned, so keep an eye out for more details on that to come soon!

Grants Stack deployed new chains this month: Arbitrum & Polygon

  • Began work on improvements to Explorer, which will include Matching Estimates, Homepage Redesign, and improved search & discoverability features
  • Next up? Deploying Direct Grants MVP
    • New funding mechanism on Grants Stack in addition to QF

Product Lead Nate Gosselin spoke at Funding the Commons Berlin about the possibilities Allo unlocks for community funding, watch the whole talk here.

  • The review period of the Audit finished:
    • We had almost 400 auditors participate in the contest (an unheard of amount)
    • They found almost 1,000 issues (there will be a lot of duplicates)
    • The Sherlock team is ranking and deduping the issues
    • This gives us a lot of confidence in the protocol and strategies we’ll be launching
    • This does delay when we can launch
  • The team launched an MVP Alloscan:
    • https://alloscan.vercel.app/
    • Intended to be an explorer for all the protocol activity
    • Over time, we’ll make it easier to review how a pool is allocated and distributed
  • Next up? Impact Stream:
    • Our next focus is on Impact Stream: a platform for doing QV-based grants
    • Impact Stream is a nonprofit, international development group that bridges web3/crypto with development grants
    • We’ll be running a QV-based grants round in Togo in the coming months

We spent the past month improving the experience for integrators that want to protect their apps with Gitcoin Passport. New this month:

  • New developer documentation to make integration streamlined and easy
  • A new case study on ShapeShift’s Passport-protected OP rewards campaign
  • Improved UX for Passport holders, including a revamped stamp sidebar and dashboard
  • Multichain support for Onchain Stamps

Integrate today by diving into our Passport dev docs!

Everything Else:

  • Arbitrum’s Grant Funding Fest is running on Grants Stack till September 30th!
  • Thanks to all of those who supported and came out for our FIRST EVER Schelling Point .edu in Singapore as well as our second round of Schelling Point Sessions in Berlin. Going to Istanbul? Keep your eyes peeled for details on our next Schelling Point Session, details coming soon :eyes:

Gitcoin :leaves: