Gitcoin for individual devs

Hello to everyone! Im new to the community and i was wondering what strengths and pitfalls(things that could be improved) other software developers see in Gitcoin as a way to monetize open source development. As an individual programmer do you see this platform as potentially a full time job or a way to monteize your passion projects? I am very excited of the future Gitcoin is trying to create.


I think it’s based upon voting and managing the projects as a co-operative team and get public funding from the proposals they make upon the project. :money_mouth_face:


Great question @Moonmonky :pray:

I think the $21.4m in Results | Gitcoin speak volumes.

Perhaps @owocki has some good resources to hand to help you experience it best for yourself?


Wow! this web its kinda huge i didn’t even see $21.4m in Results | Gitcoin To be honest,it seems I have a lot more to learn around here. I don’t even know how the Kudos work.

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Thanks for the answer! Now it clicked how this type of monetization could change the industry. From an individual dev’s POV its an awesome way of getting in contact with other devs and joining a team as a full time job!

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Had no idea there had already been so much engagement in terms of investements! thanks for the info :smiley:

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