Gitcoin ecosystem flowchart

I was wondering do we have any flowchart that explains the relations on the entire gitcoin ecosystem, sections, its products and sub-products. It seems a lot has changed over time. New terminologies, topics, and workflows were introduced. Which topics are underneath the governing section or several entities/features of DAO etc.? Is anyone actively maintaining the big picture?

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Hi @ekram-syed

did you have a chance to read the following post? (lots of history and product info there)

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That’s what I was looking for, Thanks a lot for the reference. Probably I’ll try to compile those into a mindmap.

@safder is leading a charge with Sobol here

It’s @loietaylor and @Jodi_GitcoinDAO who are leading the Sobol work actually! But that’s more like an internal org chart rather than an ecosystem landscape map

i mocked up what an ecosystem map could look like on this post a while back . though its a fairly low fidelity view.

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