Gitcoin Digest #7 2023

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:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video here)

Allo + Grants Stack:

  • The current teams have been divided into two. The Allo team will focus on building Allo Protocol for developers requiring resource allocation tools. The Grants Stacks team will focus on building Grants Stack for program managers who require resource allocation, as a user-friendly tool for operating grant programs.
  • The user-centric product focus will enable the development of specialized skill sets and different work styles. Prioritizing problem-solving over implementing features, building for self-serve audiences, balancing proactive vs reactive prioritization. Check out the brief to dive deeper.
  • Documentation and tutorials for voting and payout strategy have been updated. Documentation for project registry integration, API and starter kit are lined up next to facilitate development on the protocol.
  • Next focus will be on wrapping up solar/lunar punk requirements. Q2 priorities for DevRel can be reviewed here
  • Brand elements (logo, typography, palette, first round graphics) shipping this week, with ongoing development of additional assets (graphics, merch, summer drips) underway.
  • New Allo v1 “drip” launch kickoff date is May 29. Comarketing & case studies planned through July
  • Draft marketing roadmap complete - waiting for review and launch date updates.
  • Visuals have been shared, shipping brand next week. Grants Operator Toolkit development work underway.

Public Goods Funding

  • Applications for the Citizens Round are OPEN NOW until June 4th! This round will be on Optimism, with a 20K DAI matching pool.
  • Continuing to work through quality assurance issues: [big ones: saturation, minimum donation threshold, QF calc order-of-operations]
  • Focus on fraud detection and squelching, including cursory analysis for partners’ rounds; some featured rounds already finalized and paid out.
  • First iteration results here for calc-checks.
  • Sybil outcomes here (with rule-trigger documented!).
  • Partners are not showing huge concern for manipulation, and evidence of self-attack is minimal (highly obvious with the help of Umar’s dash!).
  • Reviewing the process for community-reported attacks so that these can be consolidated and fully transparent.
  • Sybil prevalence estimates are now something we will report round-by-round for core rounds.
  • View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for the Gitcoin Beta Round.
  • View the new round-wide data visualization tool from Supermodular here.
  • Survey went out to grantees with 52 responses as of May 23 (~13%). Further grantee optional survey data to be completed between rounds. Grantee experience learnings forthcoming!


  • Focus on bug fixes based on Beta Round feedback, along with onchain stamps (EAS) - (MVP on Sepolia, working Arbitrum).
  • Roadmap updates for introduction of new stamps (e.g. Hypercerts,ZKSync Era, Phi, Holonym, Idena) in progress.
  • Upcoming focus on new stamp meta-data endpoint, Unique Humanity Score improvements, UX improvements, Ceramic ComposeDB Upgrade.
  • Migration completed for Bankless Academy (SDK, API live), including an in-depth technical guide for score integration.
  • Score gating technical guide and prebuilt Passport components in progress.
  • Passport Brand revisit in progress (cross-functional working group has been activated to make sure we’re very happy with mission, vision, etc, so we can confidently launch large marketing campaigns).
  • Documents to support the business development team in progress.
  • Released Release Notes #5.
  • New protocol for social with Cyberconnect; 100k passports were anticipated based on active users and ~180k created in total. 7.7k new Passports with passing score over the weekend.
  • Scoring mechanism is iterative (read more here!), average score hovering close to minimum thresholds (15-26), score bands for integrator risk tolerance forthcoming.


  • Website updates underway. 2-week sprint to develop Allo page, revised homepage, updated nav. Next 2-week sprint (starting May 29) to develop program page, Grants Stack v2 page, WTFisQF site (TBC). Full schedule here.
  • As part of efforts to reposition Gitcoin as a tech-first organization, the Gitcoin Thought Leadership Program will help existing and emerging thought leaders share their expertise to build eminence. For details on participation, see the Notion page here.
  • In progress: Grants Stack visual identity, Canva template, Impact Report and Research, DAO-wide visual audit, PGN visual identity, EthCC planning and visuals.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

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Thanks for reading!

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Hi, thanks for this wonderful update!
I would love to see the information from the links that you have posted.

  1. These links have no view access:
  1. No access
    Scoring mechanism is iterative (read more here !),

I have all the errors like you.

one comment for this tool, and it is for the round manager (and everyone could use it as well), before using this tool, you have to know the round address (which is a smart contract address for the specific round).

For example here is the address for GCC featured round - 0x859faeaa266ba13bd1e72eb6dd7a223902d1adfe

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Thanks for your feedback (and @bobjiang)!

The links were taken from the Weekly Workstream Update Deck (I have the same access restrictions from your comment - assuming that access is only granted to call participants?)

Maybe @MathildaDV @rohit could advise /grant access?

[quote=“gaoa97, post:1, topic:15152”]
View the metrics dashboard to see contributions across rounds and projects for the Gitcoin Beta Round.
[/quote] @Supreme have you tried reloading the page? it’s working fine from my end.

Did this get resolved? Just checked any anyone should be able to see the WS update slides.

Hello - thanks for highlight this. Some of these documents are interim work-in-progress drafts and don’t reflect the final decisions. For related topics / ongoing discussion, please find the latest and greatest at the following links. Also, DAO contributors will soon share detailed analyses, statistics, and takeaways from the Beta Round in the governance forum in the coming weeks.

Final Beta Round results & payout + Related discussion and proposal

Passport scoring

Beta Rounds Summary App is working now

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