Gitcoin Digest #2 2023

:fire: Hot Topics

  • Impact Report: Review the Gitcoin DAO’s first impact report highlighting case studies and showcasing the 3000% jump in 3 years in the amount of funding raised for public goods relative to the start in 2019. Also, checkout an open edition collectible, commemorating the report available on Zora to mint for free.
  • Gitcoin Grants Beta Round Applications: Do you know builders who are curious about Gitcoin Grants Beta Round? Help get those applications in! The loom video gives a step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply to be a grantee. The Grantee Onboarding Guide shares key information about the Beta Round and how to create the grant. The cut-off date for applications for core and some featured rounds is 04/21/23 at 23:59 UTC.
  • Upgrading Gitcoin’s Governance Contracts: Kyle shares a proposal to upgrade to the newly implemented on chain governance contracts by ScopeLift to bring Governor Bravo functionality to Gitcoin DAO. The upgrade provides the ability to customize key voting criteria, introduce novel mechanisms via Flexible Voting strategies, and extensibility for customizations in delegation.

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update (video here):

  • Allo + Grants Stack
    • Updates: Beta Round Contracts have been deployed alongside features to improve user experience (addition of cart in the donation flow, improved flow between applications, etc.)
    • Audit: Resolution of findings in the Allo audit is in progress and must-have findings for Beta round have been addressed
    • Support: Support has moved over to Intercom (widget available in the bottom right-hand corner in the apps). Users should report product-related bugs, suggestions, and questions in Intercom.
    • DevRel: Here is a curated list of organizations in the pipeline to explore integrations with Allo. Committed integrations over the next 3 months include Privy, Endaoment, and Impact Stream.
    • GS Self Serve Launch: Content and design asset list has been submitted to the MMM team for the Grants Stack self serve launch campaign running from May 15th through May 31st.
  • Public Goods Funding
    • Climate Round: Contract finalized with Shell driving additional $150K for climate grantees
    • Advocacy Round: Invite-only round by Coinbase and Blockchain Association
  • Passport
    • Passport UI Redesign: Demo for 1-click refresh of Stamps and dashboard redesign
    • Market Research: Increased focus to position Passport as a means to “build your reputation”
  • MMM
    • Overall Focus: Shift perceptions for Gitcoin from an Impact DAO to an Impact Protocol DAO
    • Program Marketing: Donor communication is in progress, Grantee Community Portal is ready
    • Website Update: Remainder of the Phase 1 pages for the new website launch on April 25th
  • DAO Ops
    • Active topics: Revisions to the GCP template and defining the decision making model
    • Budget: The integrated budgets will be available on the forum on Monday, April 24th.
  • FDD
    • Round Dashboards are available for Beta
    • The remainder of the workstream budget will go into The Sybil Resistance Feature Round

:date: Upcoming events

You can find information about the Gitcoin-organized and Community-organized events on the Upcoming Events page.

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

  • Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new microsite, a hub for all things related to public goods funding

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