Gitcoin Chinese Ecosystem meeting #1

1st Chinese ecosystem meeting - 1 July

(ideas) Brainstorming for Chinese Gitcoin ecosystem

Time: 1st July 21:00 - 22:00

Attendees: Bob Jiang, Robert Yan, Shooter Liu, Loner, Yunior

Next meeting will be on 15 July 21:00 - 22:00

Will publish meeting invitation in Telegram group.

Current activities (continue)

Content - Join Gitcoin Translations

Meetups - online

Gitcoin Chinese Supports

Gitcoin Audience (users)

  • developer (engagement, create grant, hackathon, bounty, quest) - barrier (language)

  • funder (donate grants)

For those who are not developers or funders, how to involve in Gitcoin?

  • GTC (gitcoin governance working stream)

It needs everyone taking care of public goods to involve in buidling Gitcoin community, e.g economicst, community buidler, finance expert, etc.

Grant related


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