Gitcoin as a delegate in L2s- starting with ZK

Hey everyone, just wanted to share an idea…I think it would be amazing if we could have a “Gitcoin” delegate in L2s such as Arbitrum, ZKsync, etc.

Recently, I’ve been noticing multiple organizations in web3 joining major L2s as delegates and I think this would be a great strategic move for Gitcoin to start getting more involved in L2 governance.

My assumption is that because multiple Gitcoin donors were one of the categories that got a booster in the recent ZK airdrop they might want to delegate to Gitcoin if it steps up as a delegate. As the one of the core promotors of public goods I think it’s Gitcoins duty to do so. Oh, and we could maybe join an alliance with other PG ecosystems to really make public goods matter everywhere!

Advantages: We would be able to empower their public goods ecosystems with Gitcoins vast networks and experience. They could help Gitcoin expand it’s protocols.

PS. this could be a bad idea, extremely open to feedback :smiley:


Gitcoin taking active role in governance could act as “expert voice” in capital allocation or grant program design in same manner L2Beat does for security.

Governance - L2BEAT

Nearly every alive ecosystem is running grants program so having seat at table reserved for Gitcoin (“in official capacity”) in governance discussions and voting could be very helpful in promoting Grants Stack or other initiatives.