[GG21 Community Round Proposal] DeSci QF GG21

Name (or Topic/Theme) of Proposed Round

DeSci QF GG21 :dna:

Social Handle of Org on X: @DeSci_Round_Ops

Round History

How many times has this round been run during a Gitcoin Grants round?

This would be the 4th official DeSci round and our 2nd Gitcoin Community proposal. Previous rounds were held during GR15 in September 2022, a community-run Beta Round in April 2023 using Allo Protocol and Grants Stack, and GG20 in May 2023. As one of Gitcoin’s most trending community proposals for GG20 we decided to apply again for GG21.

Team Running This Round

How big is your team that will run this round? Who is your team?

Our team consists of 4 main round operators, including:

Additionally, the DeSci community elected 5 stewards to review incoming applications and ensure a smooth onboarding of new DeSci grantees:

How does this round align with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents?

This round directly supports Gitcoin’s mission to build and fund public goods, emphasizing open, accessible, and inclusive scientific research. It fosters collaboration and innovation in the DeSci space, aligning with Gitcoin’s essential intents for community empowerment to build and fund impactful initiatives and sustainable funding in science with a bottom-up community-driven effort such as DeSci QF on Gitcoin.

What do you anticipate the size of the matching pool will be?

We have secured a matching pool of $10,000, combining funds from previous rounds, community fundraising, and potential new partnerships. As an official Gitcoin Community Round, we hope to get an additional matching of $25k.

Funding Address GG Beta: eth:0x1385754798D1F2C3a5eaa45c32999E57317D6BFD

Funding Address GG20: eth:0x66031ec091eb1bF2c29704ceaa21FeBf328d93AD

Funding Address GG20: arb1:0x50AE1aD21ACa30e9B54315502Efc7945aeC37C5d

Who will be advisors for this round, if anyone?

Advisors include our DeSci community and past grantees. We have our operators, the past elected stewards, co-marketing partners such as DeSci World, DeepVenture DAO, GreenPill, MesoReefDAO, DeScier, DeSci Asia, and past sponsors such as Research Hub, and Public Nouns.

Please describe the eligibility criteria you envision for this proposed round.

Projects must advance open, inclusive scientific research using Web3 technologies. Criteria include:

  • Innovation in data sharing
  • Addressing publishing biases
  • Promoting accessible education and science funding
  • Compliance with Gitcoin’s core rules
  • A complete project proposal with a clear problem statement, solution, roadmap, benefits, and timeline for implementation
  • A budget and funding plan

More detailed eligibility criteria can be found here.

How large is your community approximately?

Our community spans across various DeSci Telegram groups and Discord servers. Our DeSci X Gitcoin Community Telegram group has 276 active members as of today, engaged in discussions, planning, and collaboration. Additionally, we have our DeSci Co-Marketing Group with 33 members on Telegram.

What type of projects would you like to fund?

Projects focusing on:

  • Open-source DeSci platforms
  • Blockchain-based research publishing
  • Collaborative scientific tools
  • Educational and financing initiatives promoting decentralized science principles
  • Any project supporting the growth of the Decentralized Science ecosystem

Approximately how many grantees do you believe will be eligible to apply to this round?

Based on past rounds and community growth, we estimate between 20-40 projects could be eligible and benefit from this funding round.

Impact Assessment: How do you intend to assess grantee impact over successive rounds?

We plan to utilize tools like Hypercerts and Karma GAP for verifiable impact measurement, alongside community feedback and project progress reports, to assess and improve the efficacy of approved and funded projects over time. More information about our impact reporting can be found here.

Funding mechanism

We plan to use quadratic funding as our funding mechanism because this will best suit for the funding allocation in a decentralized and open way, which align with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents. We also plan to use Gitcoin’s Passport and the COCM matching design. It can increase points for holders and a reason to fund DeSci projects all the while strengthening the Passport initiative while simplifying the sybil analysis and overcoming sybil attacks.

Is there anything else that community members should consider when voting for which rounds to focus on in the upcoming GG21 grants round?

The unique potential of DeSci to revolutionize research and science funding, making it more collaborative, transparent, and accessible, is a massive opportunity for web3 grants adoption in academia and beyond. Supporting DeSci aligns with the broader goals of fostering open and impactful public goods while overall benefiting the Gitcoin community.

Key Learnings from GG20

  • Structured Onboarding: Clear guidelines and templates for grantees and stewards significantly enhance efficiency.
  • Multi-language Support: Supporting applications in multiple languages is vital for inclusivity.
  • Early and Continuous Community Engagement: Engaging the community early and maintaining regular communication is essential.
  • Clear Application Processes: Establishing clear and strict application deadlines ensures well-prepared and timely submissions.

GG20 Round Metrics

  • Number of Applications: 34
  • Approved and Funded Projects: 29
  • Total Funds Distributed: $25,000
  • Donor Participation: 292 individuals
  • Community Growth: 20% increase in social media followers

Social Metrics

  • Weekly DeSci Cornerstone Attendance: 69% total grantee participation rate
  • Impressions: 46.1K
  • Total Engagement rate: 3.9%
  • Link clicks: 233
  • Retweets: 227
  • Likes: 514
  • Replies: 64

Enabling DeSci: Gitcoin’s Role in Transforming Scientific Funding

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

Operation team members and stewards should self-disclose any relavant projects and potential conflict of interest and by-pass the application process of their own project or relavant projects. Other independant stewards and operation team members will take the responsility to review the application.


By addressing feedback and implementing structured onboarding, multi-language support, continuous community engagement, and clear application processes, we are committed to making future rounds more efficient, inclusive, and impactful. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of decentralized science and pave the way for a more innovative and collaborative future.

Join Us: Follow DeSci Round Ops on X and join the DeSci Gitcoin Telegram to stay up-to-date about the next DeSci Round on Gitcoin.

DeSci GG21 Community Round 提案


DeSci QF GG21


在過往的 Gitcoin Grants 輪次中,DeSci 輪次已經進行了多少次?

這將是 DeSci 的第 4 個官方輪次,同時也是我們第 2 次申請 Gitcoin community round 提案。之前的幾輪比賽分別是 2022 年 9 月的 GR15,2023 年 4 月使用 Allo Protocol 和 Grants Stack ,由社區營運的 Beta 輪,以及 2023 年 5 月的 GG20。作為 Gitcoin 最熱門的 GG20 community round 提案之一,我們決定再次申請 GG21 community round。



此外,DeSci 社區還選舉了 5 名監管員來審查 DeSci Round 收到的申請並確保新的 DeSci Round 申請者順利參與:

這一輪 DeSci Round 如何與 Gitcoin 的使命和方向保持一致?

本輪 DeSci Round 認同 Gitcoin 建立和資助公共產品的使命,強調開放、可及和包容的科學研究。它促進了 DeSci 領域的合作和創新,符合 Gitcoin 對社區賦權的方向,即通過自下而上的社區驅動力量(例如 Gitcoin 上的 DeSci QF)來建立和資助有影響力的倡議和可持續的科學資金。


結合了前幾輪的資金、社區籌款和潛在的新合作夥伴支持,我們已經獲得了 10,000 美元的匹配資金。作為 Gitcoin Grant 21 community round 之一,我們希望申請 Gitcoin 官方資助 community round 的 25000 美元額外匹配。

GG Beta資助錢包:

GG20 資助錢包:

GG20 資助錢包:


顧問包括我們的 DeSci 社區和過去的受助者。我們有工作小組、過去當選的監管者、聯合營銷的合作夥伴,如 DeSci World、DeepVenture DAO、GreenPill、MesoReefDAO、DeScier、DeSci Asia,以及過去的贊助商,如 Research Hub 和 Public Nouns。

請描述這一輪 DeSci Round 設想的參與標準

項目必須使用 Web3 技術推進開放、包容的科學研究。標準包括:

  • 創新的數據共享
  • 解決出版偏見
  • 促進無障礙教育和科學資助
  • 遵守 Gitcoin 的核心價值
  • 完整的項目建議書,包括明確的問題陳述、解決方案、路線圖、收益和執行時間表
  • 預算和資金的相關計劃



我們的社區跨越各種 DeSci Telegram 群組和 Discord 伺服器。截至今天,我們的 DeSci X Gitcoin 社區 Telegram 群組有 276 名活躍成員,參與討論、規劃和協作。此外,我們在 DeSci 聯合行銷的Telegram 群組中擁有 33 名活躍成員。



  • 開源 DeSci 平台
  • 以區塊鏈為基礎的科研出版
  • 和科學相關的協作工具
  • 促進去中心化科學原則的教育和融資方案
  • 任何支援去中心化科學生態系統發展的專案


根據過去的輪次和社區增長,我們估計有 20-40 個專案可能符合條件並從本輪 QF 中受益。


我們將會使用平方募資法 Quadratic Funding 作為這次輪次的資助分配方法,這樣可以最適當地切合去中心化及公開的原則;同時使用平方募資法 QF 亦遵循 Gitcoin 的核心價值和文化。我們亦計劃利用 Hypercerts, Karma GAP 等工具進行可驗證的影響衡量,以及社區反饋和專案進度報告,以評估和提高資助專案的功效。有關我們影響報告的更多資訊,請 點擊此處

我們還計劃使用 Gitcoin 的 Passport 和 COCM 匹配設計。這將增加持份者的積分,並成為資助 DeSci 專案的理由,在加強 Passport 同時,簡化女巫分析並防範女巫攻擊。

在投票決定即將到來的 GG21 資助輪次中重點關注哪些輪次時,社區成員還應該考慮什麼嗎?

DeSci 在徹底改變研究和科學資助方面具有獨特的潛力,使其更具協作性、透明度和可訪問性,這是學術界及其他地區採用 web3 資助的巨大機會。支援 DeSci 符合促進開放和有影響力的公共產品的廣大目標,同時亦在總體上令 Gitcoin 社區得益。


  • 系統化新手入門: 為受助者和監管員提供明確的指導方針和範本,可顯著提高效率。
  • 多語言支援: 支援多種語言對於包容性至關重要。
  • 早期和持續的社區參與: 儘早參與社區並保持定期溝通。
  • 清晰的申請流程: 制定明確而嚴格的申請截止日期可確保申請者準備充分和及時提交專案申請。

GG20 Round 指標

· 申請數量:34
· 資助專案: 29
· 已分配資金總額:$25,000
· 捐助者參與:292人
· 社區增長:社交媒體關注者增加 20%


· 每周 DeSci Cornerstone 出席率:69% 總受助參與者
· 曝光次數: 46.1K
· 總互動率:3.9%
· 鏈接點擊次數: 233
· 轉推: 227
· 喜歡: 514
· 回復: 64


Enabling DeSci: Gitcoin’s Role in Transforming Scientific Funding
推動 DeSci ︰Gitcoin 在改革科研募資當中的角色 (EN)





歡迎大家在 X 推特上追蹤 DeSci Round Ops,並加入 DeSci Gitcoin Telegram,獲得 Gitcoin DeSci Round 的最新資訊。


Thank you @Swiftevo! Excited to see you apply. I don’t see mention of funding mechanism that you’ll be using. Do you mind including that in your proposal?

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Hi @MathildaDV , does it answer the question of funding mechanism? If so, i will update a subtitle of “Funding mechanism” above it.

Thanks for your kind enquiry.


The funding mechanism refers to whether you’re using Quadratic Funding, a variant of it, or another mechanism built on top of Allo.

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Thanks for clarification. Funding mechanism is just updated.

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Thank you for this initiative.
As a suggestion it could be great if we have some disclosure from our stewards, to bypass their own project applications. We can be little biased, something that was great it’s to use Thrivecoin to have some external reviewers that are not biased. IMO =)


Thanks for your feedback @CryptoReuMD

" Potential Conflicts of Interest" is updated in the proposal.


Hey @CryptoReuMD, that’s an interesting thought.

We discussed the whole topic around incentive structures in GGBeta last year and also in GG20 in May this year.

You are comparing apples with pears, heavy protocol-funded grant programs, and grassroots community rounds. These centralized operators typically receive a salary or a share of the matching funds as an incentive.

The difference here is that active community operators need to ensure a smooth handover of matching funds and ops to other community members over time while still ensuring necessary incentives for these operators to do a great job raising significant amounts of funds so that grantees have an incentive to actively participate in a round. I believe the 25k threshold that Gitcoin had was the optimum of ensuring this.

Smaller amounts typically lack the push from operators to actually make it happen and the pull from the community to engage and get more than just a couple of hundred bucks out of it, especially if we have real projects and not only individuals in the round. I’m excited to experiment with DeSci RPGF for individuals.

In the DeSci round last year, operators received only a couple of hundred dollars for handling fundraising, co-marketing, and partnership efforts for over 6 months! And this is not okay if we collectively make this a continuous effort of sustainably growing the DeSci ecosystem.

The most incentives came through Citizen rounds that are outside of the DeSci ecosystem and mainly Gitcoin-organized.

Also, regarding reviews: I believe we have by far the most community-centric approach in electing stewards to review incoming grantees. In the past, we did this steward election with Jokerace and retargeted past DeSci voters to reengage in GG20.

Your point is still valid though regarding having operators (fundraising, marketing, communications) also as stewards (grantee review) might result in a CoI. In the last rounds, I saw that one trained operator as one of the stewards gives newly elected stewards without the necessary context more structure, confidence, and urgency in reviewing grantees promptly. Also, the more community members involved in the review process and the more transparency also in communicating this, the better. Typically stewards commit to take responsibility for DeSci ecosystem growth and are trained to become independent operators as well! This is how we ensure operational sustainability.

The review process itself remains democratic with a majority vote (3/5 yes).

I believe the DeSci grant rounds are a great environment for rapid experimentation around open science incentive structures and decentralized grant operations.

For the last round, there was a consensus by vote between past and present operators, stewards, and sponsors to include matching of steward and operator-affiliated projects in the round.

We have 3 alternatives though:

  1. Steward and operator-affiliated projects are in the round including matching.
  2. Steward and operator-affiliated projects are in the round excluding matching.
  3. One steward incentive project (DeSci Round Ops) is part of the round to incentivize contributions and other affiliated projects are not in the round.

The last played out to be too little of an incentive without an additional citizen round.

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Thanks for your submission! Appreciate your interest in GG21, always great to partner with this community!

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Quick reminder that reviewing and voting will take place July 17 - 19, with rounds announced here on the forum July 20th


Please directly contact @Swiftevo or me if you have any questions regarding the DeSci Grants. Also, publicly comment your questions or what’s missing in this proposal. Current operators are very responsive and we would like to provide the voting council with as much information as possible as to why DeSci deserves additional matching funds after bootstrapping the DeSci community grants program and showing a proven track record and goodwill to sustainably grow the DeSci ecosystem.