GG20 Community Rounds Marketing (outside of the 5 selected)

gm everyone! :slight_smile:

Just want to put this out to all the communities who have applied for matching from Gitcoin for GG20, but were not selected as the top 5.

If you choose to run during GG20, your round will be displayed on We would like to include you in our marketing efforts for this round and wanted to make it clear how that’s going to work! We are happy to amplify your own marketing efforts as well as get you on our landing page. We realized that some might have felt excluded from GG20 due to the fact that the above was not clearly laid out. As we are all working on improving processes and making sure that all involved are served well, we take all feedback to heart to continue evolving this over time.

Make sure you also check out this post for further possible funding opportunities through Thrive Protocol that just went live.

For anyone planning on running, our donation dates and times are: April 23 noon UTC - May 7 23:59 UTC.

Please note: how this process will work in future rounds will change, as when it comes to marketing rounds outside of those selected for matching, there are many factors to consider: resources, vetting of the rounds, intentional coordination, etc. We are actively working on creating a system that is inclusive & impactful for all involved, as well as making sure the process is fair, vetted and well resourced.


For DeSci Round on GG20, we just announce our steward today!


These are great news, Mathilda! As a GG20 Community Round applicant that wasn’t selected to the top 5, I admit we felt more the fact we wouldn’t get (much) marketing efforts from the Gitcoin side than not getting the total matching pool itself - I’m glad you folks are reconsidering that decision :slight_smile:

Like I mentioned in another post, will skip participating on GG20 but we look forward to taking part in upcoming rounds this year!