GD Steward Roles & Duties

As we’ve taken a more intentional approach in figuring out sustainable engagement in governance, we’ve come across a few clarifying questions recently about what is in fact expected of Stewards, and so this post is designed to canonically answer that.

On the surface, Stewards are in charge of listening to their constituents, evaluating and
voting on proposals.
But the level of responsibility tends to go much deeper - Stewards are where the buck stops for GitcoinDAO. They are the protectors of the legitimacy of the DAO, they are responsible for keeping the DAO on track to accomplish its mission, and they are final enforcers of responsibility for everyone working on the GitcoinDAO’s mission"

Tangibly - a minimum threshold of steward duties are:

  1. actively listening to their constituents (continuously - through own means/via the gov forum)
  2. follow what’s going on (~1x/week to keep on top of current events)
  3. attend the monthly stewards call (1x/month) - you can add the GD event calendar here
  4. participate in the steward council once it gets ratified and if you are part of it (reviewed and renewed every quarter) + take actions outlined in the council meeting (1x/month) - more info here
  5. should stewards come across conversations relevant to the GD mission/or where GD could help, bring the DAO into the conversation

As stewards’ duties evolve over time, the plan is to update this post so it will always be a canonical source of truth for stewards to understand their responsibilities and more importantly, encourage newcomers in GD to engage in the governance process.

Please feel free to comment, acknowledge or discuss the range of duties and add any other relevant ones that you may have taken on or observed as beneficial within the ecosystem.


Agree with the minimum threshold of steward responsibilities. Thanks for outlining!

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Hi @Pop

totally agree with you, we need the red line for the steward - as I see, some stewards are inactive for a while (maybe since airdrop)

Only one comment based on the responsibilities,
could we add one more stewards call which may be time-friendly for Asia area?
I have joined the first 2-3 stewards call, but after the day-time saving, it’s much harder to join for me. (1am for me - GMT+8)

last one, could we empower the stewards to emerge some activities? (like the un-conference before)

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Thank for bringing scheduling up @bobjiang! What is the absolute latest you’d be able to do? Definitely appreciate your high engagement and want to make sure we find the best solution here.

Re emergent steward behaviour - yes, please! the list as I’ve laid it out is a present day tally but should absolutely evolve as stewards become more comfortable and committed to the mission of this DAO.