Feature Request: Ability to browse the round content even after it is finished

Gitcoin Rounds - massive festival of shilling.

But then the round is over and the content is not easily accessible.

HINT 1: Please allow users to browse the content of the round.

Only a few days to go but I know I would like to revisit a variety of projects after it is finished.

HINT 2: Please display full address (in case someone wants to donate funds later on)

(link to the project so you can verify the format of the address for yourself)


thanks @mars for the idea! we’ll consider this as we work on some improvements to the explorer product. in the meantime, any project you donated to will be accessible from your donation history page!


Wow, Its gonna be a great initiative if its done.

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It was working for a while, thank you for listening to feedback.

Now it is not working again?

Tried these two:

It is important to me because I would like to remain in touch with fellow round participants :pray:

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hey @mars – if you go to explorer.gitcoin.co and filter by “finished rounds” you should be able to see all previous rounds! this link will take you there directly: Gitcoin | Explorer


I’m pretty sure I haven’t visited that page on the phone so it uses default settings.

Hidden by default = not ideal.

I was looking before posting and didn’t figure it out. I much prefer visual indication in the UI that round is finished, as opposed to digging into filters.

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thanks for the feedback, will make a note of it!