FDD WG - Abstaining from receiving grants during GR11

None of the FDD streams will be posting official grants during GR11.

Because this workstream is the primary arbiter of what is allowed on the platform for both Users & Grants, I believe we should abstain from accepting grant funding from Gitcoin Grants rounds.

As each community contributor is empowered on their own, I would simply ask contributors of this stream to not apply for any personal FDD related grants.

There are contributors who participate in other DAOs and projects, who should be able to post grants for those orgs. Our system has a series of checks and balances that should catch any malicious action from an individual actor within the group.

I’d love to hear feedback on this. Personally, I favor the “inform and ask to set community norms” approach over the “make a rule” method. There is no need for the debate to be rushed in 5 days for a vote when we can simply wait to see if there is an issue that the community cares deeply about and let the norms create the rules we eventually hardcode the execution of to eliminate the need for enforcement.

“Cryptoeconomics is just economics without room for subjectivity”


Well said and good proposal. The preservation of objectivity is a critical function of this stream, and this clearly signals that intent.


What Joe describes sounds like a decent plan to me.

This issue has been weighing on my mind. We are talking about eliminating the rights of a human here. The mission of Gitcoin begins as " Our mission is to build and fund digital public goods…" We must ensure all participants in the Gitcoin ecosystem are empowered to align with this mission, members of the public AND members of the Gitcoin Dao FDD.

There is a delicate balance between preservation of individual liberties and avoiding an apparent ethical conflict of interest. In pursuit of this balance we must weigh alternatives carefully. 100% I agree we must avoid all appearances of conflicts of interests and strive for objectivity. Yet the rights of anybody to participate in and improve the ecosystem of decentralization, digtial assets and the Ethereum network are the exact reason Gitcoin exists. It would be a tragedy to deny a FDD member an opportunity to attain every aid possible in their goals of personal development.

Full Disclosure, there is a charity project which I run, in existence on Giveth since early July 2021, which has already applied for and been accepted into GR11. And I will return any donation from a FDD Member.

Crypto-Educate & Feed the Needy. On Gitcoin

Crypto-Educate and Feed the Needy. On Giveth


This is exactly why I stated “There are contributors who participate in other DAOs and projects, who should be able to post grants for those orgs. Our system has a series of checks and balances that should catch any malicious action from an individual actor within the group.”

I see no problem with posting grants for other orgs, projects. Just not for “Fund FDD” or “Fund FDD Workstream”

Additionally, I see this as a temporary measure (Possibly). Let’s not fund FDD in this manner while solvent until we have done the research and testing to show that the system is fair if the arbiters of the round are also participants.

The grant you mentioned would fall into the category of “other projects by an FDD member” not “an FDD grant”

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I do see reason to say that we could participate in the Gitcoin Building Gitcoin pool because as a “Side Round” the Gitcoin Holdings company that provides the matching pool has the right to select which grants they want to include.


I think in a near-by future, once Gitcoin will become almost or fully decentralized, if the system is not fully automated in this case keeping in mind that we still need some human feedback here for the grant approval process or the grant reviewing process, the reviewing team should not be able to apply for a grant.

It might become easy to build a team internally and take over the grant reviewing process, then choosing witch grant to approve or not.
I can imagine a correlation happening in the grant process.

In this case, we have a some options:

  • For each member or the FDD that would like to apply for a grant, this same grant should be externally reviewed by another team that have no link or any correlation together.
  • Or decline any grant from any FDD contributors literally.

I like the approach Gitcoin is taking and I agree that the grant applicant should not accept any contribution from FDD. Otherwise the system should work as designed. I no longer believe my “other” category grants need to posted separately but I’m open to suggestion.

I think it is more clearly stated as there will be no FDD branded grants. The other one for one hive or whichever is good.


@DisruptionJoe @blazingthirdeye I have been incredibly busy and travelling the last weeks… We had this grant up for last round to support the contributors before there was funding/a rewards system: 💰 Gitcoin DAO Anti-Fraud Workstream: Round 10 | Grants | Gitcoin

Are you all fine if I cancel it? And Joe, would you support making sure it gets de-activated? Thank you!

No I am against cancelling it. We need to distro it to the volunteers from GR10 as planned and stated to those folks. Nobody has ever suggested cancelling it. Conversely we have been trying to distribute this for a long time.

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Since it is specifically for GR10, I think it should be deactivated and distributed. I’m not sure if you’re saying that it needs to be distributed before deactivating, but there isn’t a good reason to keep it open for people to continue donating to it. Am I missing something here?

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@blazingthirdeye we will of course be distributing the funding from the last round. I do not think we should continue to collect donations as it was specifically for the last round, that is what I meant by de-activate. I will write you both to sort this out ASAP in our Discord chat to disperse funding from the multi-sig and @DisruptionJoe I will speak with you about de-activating the grant going forward. Thank you!

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