Explain quadratic funding on/via the homepage

I’d like to open a discussion for making the explanation of quadratic funding much more prominent on the Gitcoin website. The term is used several times in the testimonials on the homepage, but without explanation.

I believe there should be a prominent (link to the) explanation on the homepage, and that not having it leads to a higher bounce rate.

I’ve navigated gitcoin.co quite a bit, but the only way I managed to find the explanation of Quadratic Funding was by using Google Search with site:gitcoin.co. The homepage doesn’t seem to link to Fund | Gitcoin or to https://qf.gitcoin.co/.


Thanks for the feedback!

We have a microsite we own: http://wtfisqf.com

We can make this more known I suspect too. (perhaps in the about us, or mission pages)

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Actually Quadratic funding is not invented by Gitcoin, but implemented by Gitcoin.

So there are 2 more valuable post you could refer to:

  1. Quadratic Payments: A Primer
  2. Plural Funding - RadicalxChange