Ethereum 4 public goods comic book

wanted to give you all a sneak peak of a project we are working on right now.

gitcoin’s mission is to build & fund the open web together. i love public goods and i want to see them well funding. not funding public goods is a type of coordination failure - a game theoretic trap where the optimal outcome is to keep public goods afloat, but for various reasons, coordination fails and public good systems can collapse.

i appeared on the bankless podcast a while ago to discuss how we could fight coordination failures.

that conversation has spawned some amount of energy around how ethereum could be used to solve public goods funding problems, and i am happy to say we will be putting that narrative into comic book form sometime soon to evangelize this use case of therem

sneak peak below:


What a vibe, kind of fits into what Dave was talking about as well, we should use the same design and make it into a true manga as well:

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the comic book is live! download it here


Hola , me gustaría ayudar con la traducción en español.