Empowering Gitcoin's Governance: Gitcoin x DAOplomats


Gitcoin has entered into a collaboration with DAOplomats, a community of experts passionate about fostering strong DAO governance. DAOplomats will be partnering with us to enhance several key aspects of Gitcoin’s governance framework for a multi-month trial period.

How DAOplomats Will Support Gitcoin

Through this partnership, DAOplomats will be instrumental in:

  • Supporting DAO-Led Proposals: DAOplomats will lend their expertise to streamline the process for DAO-initiated proposals, ensuring clear communication and efficient execution.
  • Empowering Stewards: DAOplomats will work with our Steward program to ensure new and existing Stewards have the resources and support they need to effectively fulfill their roles.
  • Driving Robust Conversations: DAOplomats will help us cultivate a vibrant and inclusive forum where Gitcoin community members can engage in constructive discussions and decision-making.

The compensation for DAOplomats’ services will come from the previously approved Ecosystem Collective budget.

Gitcoin's Commitment to Robust, Decentralized Governance

This collaboration underscores our commitment to building a robust, transparent, and democratic governance system for Gitcoin. We believe DAOplomats’ expertise will be invaluable in strengthening our community’s voice and shaping the future of Gitcoin.

Please feel free to leave any comments or concerns below.


I am supportive of this partnership, and I look forward to collaborating with the DAOplomats team as we move forward.