Dspyt - into CodeVerse Retro Grant

Hello Gitcoin Governance,

Retro Grant

I was trying to submit DSPYT - into CodeVerse to Gitcoin Retro Grant, but it was rejected and now DSPYT is in pending on Gitcoin Checker

User Review

The Gitcoin Checker user review says that the main problem is that I am an “organization” and only individuals are allowed to submit grants. BUT!
I am an individual, I write the project code and support the platform. I also publish posts on the website and on social networks, including the Gitcoin Forum.

Some articles on Dspyt- into Codeverse are written by other users, but this is the essence of my project!

The main work on promoting the site, its social networks, writing code, writing articles about Gitcoin indexed by Google, maintaining them, writing posts on Twitter, were done personally by me.

Next Steps

I received an email that said that I could contact a person via Telegram and ask him all the questions. I did so, wrote and explained everything that I have written here. Furthermore, I’m currently waiting for an answer.

Now DSPYT is in pending on Gitcoin Checker

I think that this status doesn’t mean that Dspyt - into CodeVerse was completely rejected. Therefore, I decided to write my situation on the Gitocoin forum and hope for your support. I hope to participate in the Gitcoin Retro Grant.

What do you think about it? As new news comes in, I will update the story below.

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I received a response saying that I should apply again and be more specific about what I did. I did so, and after that the person replied that my application now looked great, and they would confirm it as soon as possible. Now I’m waiting for confirmation

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My project (work) was approved and is now available for donations. I would like to express my gratitude to the person who corresponded with me on Telegram, he quickly responded and explained what I should change and after that I applied again. As a result, my project is approved