Discussion: Gitcoin Visual Identity & Branding

Does our current visual identity align with the values of the DAO?

The organizational identity of Gitcoin is changing - given the language and championing around the regen movement, it’s clear that a renewed focus on impact is emerging.

Are we signaling our commitment to being a forward-thinking impact-driven organization through our visual representation, the visual assets we use, our brand aesthetic?

Is there room to broaden the visual identity of Gitcoin as a new overall brand identity (i.e., values, focus, vision) emerges?

Moreover, in the past months, we have seen inconsistency in Gitcoin’s external-facing branding. How we represent our products is incongruent. For example, the way we visually represent grants rounds and the graphics that we use to promote events is completely different.

In MMM’s work to update the brand guide, we have reached a point where we now have questions on what next steps to take in how we represent ourselves as an org. Naturally, we think that this should be a discussion through the community.

This leaves us with the question:
How can we create a visual brand that is streamlined and cohesive?

We believe it is important for Gitcoin to consider this question as we work to be industry leaders and galvanizers in Web3.

Our shared mission, our org culture, our voice, is best signaled with a consistent aesthetic. Our relationships to external stakeholders, our growth efforts, our organization’s focus (internal and external) will be supported by a consistent aesthetic.

In order to move this effort forward, we propose the creation of a brand council to meet and workshop on some of the following topics:

-Pulse check on current branding
-Emerging themes & brand alignment/expansion
-Creating and enforcing a point of truth for visual assets at Gitcoin

@Viriya & @seedphrase
MMM Workstream


I’d love to see some examples here! I know slightly what you guys are referring to, but i feel like it would be really helpful to the discussion to have visual examples of the divergent paths of branding we are on


Here are some examples of different designs that have been created by holdings and different workstreams in the last few weeks.

While they’re all unique and beautiful in their own right, it’s obvious there is a brand cohesiveness missing.

There are likely more examples in language as well - these are less obvious but for instance: conversations around fighting Molach & emphasizing coordination seem to be less prevalent lately. Public goods and regen themes like green pilling & human thriving have been more prominent.

My wonderings:
I wonder how/if this reflects an evolution of focus within the DAO? Or is it just a trend?
I wonder how/if this reflects a lack of cohesive DAO identity? (see image below)
I wonder if folks think visual cohesiveness is important?

  • If not, how will we maintain an overall brand cohesiveness (beyond just visual brand but also our identity as a DAO) despite a lack of visual signal of this?
  • If so, how might we align, create and govern cohesion?


Excited to see the team thinking about how we can evolve the brand identity and make it more cohesive.

As we tackle that question, perhaps we could also consider how we can build a brand that supports our mission & impact - And also that builds GitcoinDAO’s legitimacy.

Being more cohesive may be one way to get there, but it may not be the biggest opportunity.

These are just a few thoughts - to be super clear going forward while I’m happy to provide my thoughts on future concepts/direction , the Gitcoin brand identity is very much in your (the DAO’s & MMM’s!) hands to steward!

Oh and btw, @seedphrase and i chatted a bit about Solarpunk vs Lunarpunk vs Quadratic Lands at the retreat. IMHO they are narratively compatible (and visually complementary)… My Ethereum is solarpunk deck has some examples of how I think these interweave, but I’ll just briefly repeat here:

  • Solarpunk - a world where our economic system is focused on sustainability/harmony & we’ve solved our contemporary coordination challenges
  • Lunarpunk - same definition as solarpunk, but dark mode/nighttime (and also more focused on privacy)
  • Quadratic lands - a world in which the laws of economics have been rewritten to support the commons/public goods (visually the same as lunarpunk)