[Discussion & Feedback Request] Dspyt and EVM Explorer Rejected in AAVE & GHO Round Without Feedback

Hi everyone,
Dspyt - into CodeVerse & EVM Explorer project was rejected into Gitcoin Round, Aave & GHO Ecosystem Advancement and we didn’t get any feedback.

Experience with AAVE

We had a bad experience with AAVE, we applied for a grant regarding the low voting rate, wrote about it on their governance forum, but we were banned! As a result, we made a large post with all the information about low voting and our ideas, which is available on our website - Addressing Low Participation Rates in AAVE Governance

Project Description into the Gitcoin Round, Aave & GHO Ecosystem Advancement

We applied Dspyt - into CodeVerse & EVM Explorer
Dspyt achieved 416k views for last 16 months

We made articles about AAVE and big research about low participation available on dspyt.com

Google Search Console data about articles

Evm Explorer

EVM Smart Contract Explorer is the part of DSPYT, it displays AAVE transactions and it is an OSS.
It has a simple and initiative interface. This project improves every day and getting better.

Gho Token information

In conclusion to this part of the text, I would like to add that all of the above is fully consistent with the selection criteria for the round.

Rejection and “Feedback”

Dspyt - into CodeVerse & EVM Explorer was rejected and we didn’t receive any feedback.

Although, in past Gitcoin Rounds, I received emails in which I could contact support and file an appeal, which I successfully did (thanks Gitcoin).

The only thing I found was a link to the Aave Discord channel on the Gitcoin Builder on the page of my project, but the most interesting thing is that when I click on the button, it says that I do not have access to this link!



In conclusion, I want to say that I would like to receive some kind of feedback, why the project was rejected, what can I do better?

Thank you


Hi there! The Aave round is run by the Aave team using the Grants Stack software. The Gitcoin team does not have control or insight into their decision making around approvals and rejections. I recommend reaching out to them if you can – maybe join the discord server and then click the link again.


Hello @DSPYT

I contacted the Aave team with your feedback.

The initial rejection was an oversight on their part, and they are always open to improving the UI/UX of the grant process for both applicants and round operators to prevent similar issues in the future.

Your application is now in approved status for the round opening soon for donations.

In the future, we encourage you to contact the grants committee directly with any concerns or questions before escalating to a public forum post. Anyone can join the Aave Discord and head to the grants channel to engage with their team. The link to this is below:


Thank you for taking the time to follow up on our forum post about Aave round. We appreciate the update on the approval status of the application for the upcoming round.

I did try to join the Aave Discord channel as suggested, but unfortunately, I encountered an error stating that I don’t have access to any text channels or that there are none on the server.

I also wanted to share that while we’ve had a challenging experience with Aave, we’ve had a great experience with the Gitcoin team. Therefore, we’ve decided to seek help from Gitcoin regarding the issues mentioned in our forum post. Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you once again for your support!


Thanks for the update. Glad we can help and wishing you well as the round kicks off for donations this week!