DevRel support for Ethelo integrations

Hi Everyone,

Gitcoin is looking to step up its DevRel effort and Ethelo would like to be considered as an early partner. Gitcoin has been already been using Ethelo in a number of areas, and there are a number of further valuable use cases. We hope to integrate with Passport and the Grant round manager tool by allowing Gitcoin DevRel team access to our team and systems. We will provide value to Gitcoin by helping showcase how a strong DevRel practice can provide immediate impact.

As many of you know, Ethelo has been working with Gitcoin for more than a year now for various processes around granting;

  • General Eligibility
  • Grant disputes and adjudication
  • Ecosystem eligibility and reviews

We also just wrapped up a major project with FDD which uses Ethelo to gather participation analytics along with the Passport data to develop predictive trust metrics. We built a data bridge between the two platforms to facilitate this. More than 100 Gitcoin decision processes have been hosted on Ethelo so far.

We would like to deepen the Ethelo integration with Gitcoin to make these functions easily accessible within the new protocol.

That starts with integrating the Passport system, potentially also with Snapshot. Further along, we want to integrate directly with the Grant Protocol round manager.

We have been discussing a number of additional high-value use cases;

  • Integrate reputation, participation history and passport data into decision-making. This would include a reward system for trusted evaluators, building upon the research we have been doing with FDD
  • Discoverability listings - people can find highly rated projects against different criteria. Also provide listings that include past performance evaluation and certificates.
  • Integrate group decision-making directly into eligibility approval - currently is just a yes-no decision for one user as opposed to multiple people weighing in based on the eligibility criteria for the round
  • Internal governance use cases. For example; Partnership policy decision - types of things people would like to see Gitcoin focus on. What grant rounds will we raise money for? Or run generally? We can also enable criteria-based selection of candidates for election. Or a wide range of other decision making processes.
  • Create a programmable filter for ecosystem grants - evaluators apply an extensive set of criteria and ecosystem and special rounds can decide which are relevant to them.
  • Formalizing grant rejection with final participatory review and multi-sig that triggers a smart contract.

Further down the road we see paths to Integrating impact certificates (hypercerts) into eligibility; weighting based on impact certificates.



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I highly support the idea of having our new DevRel effort work with some existing partners with great use cases. Ethelo is one of them for sure!