Decentralized Food Marketplace

Hi Gitcoin community,

We are looking for creating secure NFTs of food products to help smallholders farmers to access the digital markets. NFTs give the possibility for holders to exchange their digital products with no intermediaries on multiple exchanges using NFTs that has already disrupt the finance, art and real-estate market. NFTs platforms will give the possibilities for food products holders and buyers to create announcement based verified food NFTs that will include availability, price, quantity, location , delivery without a centralized governance.
Several food exchanges decentralized and centralized, will give farmer possibility to create public/private announcement to freely trade food products with stakeholders and appreciate their digital goods. This digital market will also allow swap exchanges (products to products) between farmers for no cost in a secure manner. This mechanism can help smallholders for developing countries to access a competitive food market by reducing the cost of the digital market and enjoying an autonomous activity . Cooperatives will be able to reuse this exchange to help farmers sell local products and it will also help cities to source their resource locally and reduce their net importation.
This ideas is part of a broader project and we aim to integrate farmers directly on the blockchain to create a decentralized agricultural organization aim to protect smallholders farmers, secure the food production and enable digital twin of agriculture,

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