December CSDO Digest

Many of you may know about our Cross-Stream DAO Operations, or CSDO, powerhouse team. If you don’t, CSDO is a group of workstream & initiative leads that come together to ensure alignment, transparency, and integrity across the DAO. These troopers do everything from starting important conversations to ratifying organization-changing proposals, each one aligned with our essential intents & purpose and aiming to make Gitcoin a better place to work.

With all the world-regenerating we’re doing - from questioning the foundations of our knowledge to building scalable infrastructures for public good - it’s easy for things to get lost. That’s why we’re introducing this monthly CSDO Digest! We’ll be breaking down all the most important CSDO outcomes from every month, so let’s dive into December!

DAO-Wide Updates

FDD Contributor Sorana started an internal audit to better track & understand DAO Spending! Based on her findings, DAO Ops will share recommendations to workstreams on best practices.


CSDO Charter v1

v1 of the CSDO Charter, proposed and driven by DAO Ops’ Kris, has been ratified. The CSDO charter aims to address and solve tensions felt in certain key areas, such as:

  • A lack of shared ownership, not enough accountability for next steps
  • Not enough real/‘essential’ DAO strategizing as a team, not going deep enough
  • No shared vision for what CSDO is

The new charter, which consists of the CSDO charter, CSDO Operating Rhythm, and a CSDO Member Role charter, works to ensure alignment and agreement on what CSDO is, to emphasize our shared ownership and need for time allocation, and decide on a rhythm and content for strategic calls.

You can view the passed proposal here.

Redesigning Budgets

DAO Ops’ Saf created a proposal around redesigning the current budgeting process. CSDO members have been soliciting feedback from Stewards on the redesigned budgeting process proposal, and Saf continues to integrate feedback and modify the proposal as these discussions happen.

You can view the work in progress proposal here.

DAO Business Model Framework Audit

There is a proposal to conduct an audit and analysis of the DAO’s business model framework! The goal here is to create a 1-pager explaining GTC’s business model.

This proposal did not pass, and you can view it here.

DAO Strategy

Foundation/GPC’s Kyle, PGF’s Scott, as well as multiple others across the DAO, have all been working toward better understanding Gitcoin’s strategy and synthesizing their thoughts into documents. CSDO is hoping to collect their thoughts and understand the highest priority areas of disagreements for discussion in upcoming strategy calls.

You can view the work in progress proposal here.

Key Discussions & Thoughts

Team retreat planning is in progress! DAO Ops’ Jodi is working on refining the numbers and nailing down lodging, programming, etc. Further details will be shared as they develop, including dates, location, timing, and cost (to the DAO). Workstreams have already confirmed expected contributor participation.

GPC’s Kevin shared the midpoint of a polis poll going around right now. Some of the majority opinions so far include consensus around the GTC protocol earning revenue with fees, enabling round operators to opt in to enabling fees, and Gitcoin continuing to fund its own public goods! This poll will be sent to a few more Stewards, and more updates on this will be shared as they come.

MMM’s CoachJ shared some details about the rebranding and renaming work MMM is doing, and asked for feedback on their current strategy for soliciting feedback on their ideas. MMM will continue to work on this initiative, and expect to share their thoughts with GPC & PGF in the new year. From there, they will solicit feedback from a wider audience, including DAO Core and external community members. You can watch the recordings of MMM’s calls with the community on this on our Youtube Channel or read their forum post here.

DAO Ops’ Kris solicited feedback for topics CSDO wants to see on the agenda for the next Steward Council meeting happening on 1/9. This led into a larger discussion around improving & systematizing the Steward onboarding flow to provide Stewards with deeper context into what’s currently happening in the DAO.

PGF’s Janine shared an update on the simulated rounds they conducted, which went well! PGF is conducting a retro this week, and is aiming to be operationally confident with the new system by March.

PGF’s Janine brought up the concern about transparency gaps with workstreams. With pods, the opportunities for workstreams to share their progress and work has become limited. The hope is to find a weekly space to share these updates and maintain awareness across the DAO.

DAO Ops’ Kris got a pulse check on cleaning up the DAO Core role to more accurately reflect current DAO Core members. There were no objections, but led to a short discussion about generally re-analyzing the server’s structure given the introduction of pods.

DAO Ops’ Jodi solicited CSDO’s feedback on the draft of a contributor health survey that will be launching January 10th. This survey is intended to help us identify strategic actions to improve operations and culture.

For more information on how these discussions went, you can check out all of the CSDO Meeting Notes to read more, or the Gitcoin Transparency YouTube Channel to watch recordings of CSDO calls!

And that’s it for this month! Keep checking back monthly for future editions of the CSDO Digest!

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