Calling all GitcoinDAO Metaverse Coordinators!

Hello frens,

At Bankless, writer David Hoffman has said

the legacy of crypto will instead be a renaissance in human culture.


The values that are baked into these crypto-economic systems extend outwards from the code itself and into the community, and the art that we share and value.

I want to take a moment and tell you a few of Gitcoins experiments in crypto/culture/art and how they have become symbiotic with our mission.

Longtime followers of Gitcoin may have noticed a different type of storytelling coming out of our orbit in the last year. These projects - $SACKS, MoonshotBots, or The GreatestLARP - and other launches from GitcoinDAO or GitcoinDAO-adjacent groups have two goals:

  1. Spread the narrative of Gitcoin’s mission, and other friendly Moloch-fighting, Regenerative, Solarpunk, economies being built in the web3 space.
  2. Raise $$$ for public goods.

Fundraising & Storytelling through art

It started with stickers in 2018-2019. Hope you got some bot stickers. Looks Rare:

And the Gitcoin Avatar builder, the best darn Open Source Avatar generator out there. Supporting over 99999999999999999999999 permutations of ways you could express yourself online since 2019!

In 2020 we started producing comic books. Hopefully by now you’ve read the amazing comic books produced by the artists at Blaylock Comics.

In 2021 you may have picked up a moonshot bot or SACKS.


Hopefully by now, you’ve also got some stuff from the Gitcoin schwag store:


If you’re a true og, you’ve perhaps bid on a premium NFT or two !

Or three or four…

If you aren’t, maybe you’re discovering the investments we’ve been making in these beautiful artifacts for the first time.

Why do this?

We started producing these Gitcoin-adjacent tool as a way of exploring how to convey our mission & our culture to the outside world. Each of these tools was a deeper way to engage an audience on our mission/culture.

  • instead of talking about community, we’re now playing hackey sack and together experiencing it.
  • instead of talking about ways we might fund open source, we’re actually doing it.
  • instead of talking about how someone should build a moloch slayer, we’re meme-ing it into existence.
  • instead of talking about how funding public goods is cool, we’re creating the dopest merch + only giving it to public goods funders.
  • instead of being resigned to doomerism, we’re painting a picture of a Solarpunk world

As a rule, the more visceral the better. Visceral can mean cold hard cash for public goods. Visceral can mean aesthetically engaging. Visceral means giving people experiences.

Like David Hoffman from Bankless says, “the legacy of crypto will instead be a renaissance in human culture.”. By creating a culture, fundraising, and meme-machine we’ve just And upon it!

Gitcoin-Grants Adjacent & GitcoinDAO Powered

Gitcoin’s primary assets are:

  1. Gitcoin Grants - which has generated $20mm in public goods funding, but relies on continous matching pool funding to continue to operate.
  2. GitcoinDAO - a DAO that governs Gitcoin and is becoming the primary for it’s culture, mission, ethos, and results.

This culture, fundraising, and meme-machine augments Gitcoin’s existing assets:

  1. it deepens & spreads the lore.
  2. it raises money for Quadratic Funding

Here’s what it looks like:

If we are can spin this flywheel, we can pull more & more people into the orbit of our mission

So where is this all going?

First and foremost, i believe we need to focus on meat and potatoes.

  1. Mission - deepening our understanding of our mission.
  2. Culture - making sure that we are making time to focus on deliberately designing our DAO culture.
  3. Results - turning the screws on our product/ops to make sure we actualize our mission as much as possible.

There are numerous ways that we can do that. It’s in everything we do. Every Discord message we send. Every zoom call. Every tweet. Every conference we attend. Every project we execute. Every idea we brainstorm.

I cannot possibly contain all of the diverse & beautiful ways that we could do so in my head. There are many options, and many of them are wworthy of being funded by the DAO.

One Direction we could go

I see an opening for one direction this could all go.

We get really good at transmedia storytelling. We build a metaverse.

This means creating a distributed content generation & fundraising machine. Illustrations, Comic Books, Movie Clips, Stickers, Schwag. Any medium is a possibility for building lore.

One tangible step we could do is to ask different Ethereum community members to partner with us to launch Comics. I’m envisioning

  1. The Raid Guild raids Molochs Lair!
  2. The CoordinAPEs coordinate to destroy Moloch!
  3. The AAAVE Ghosts vs Moloch.

In each of these stories, we’d help share the diversity of what makes that community special, what their super powers are… We’d catalogue own fights against Moloch, and add them to a larger narrative of the whole open web fighting Moloch together.

After having produced a handful of NFTs, comics, and other transmedia goodies, we’d have a few little saplings of what a GitcoinDAO Metaverse could look like. Plus I’d get to start giving our Moloch-Comic-Box-Sets to everyone at conferences :slight_smile:

Looking for Leaders

None of this will happen unless the community decides it should.

I’m looking for dreamers & leaders who are inspired to make this a reality to join the GMC - the GitcoinDAO Metaverse Coordinators - a group dedicated to laying down pieces of this metaverse brick by brick, campaign by campaign, one fight against Moloch at a time.

Leave feedback below or join this telegram to learn more.


I see going metaverse path as a game changer for public goods funding. The key pros for this were already summed up: i.e. that it will help spread Gitcoin’s mission further and to many other communities, and it will raise additional funding for public goods.

We could leverage on what is already built (1 and 2 editions comics, nfts and lore), combine it with some elements of some already successful projects. Just as a reference, (shoutout to user Erik Knobi for mentioning this) the MetaHeroes project ( uses NFT comics, Metaverse NFT characters to build lore a whole universe around the story. AFAIK some NFTs are main story characters (in our case Anon of the 2nd comic edition could be the first) and other are just secondary roles (Maybe ethbots? moonshotbots? Sacks?).

Once the 1st level of the Greatest Larp concludes, we could make 2nd Edition Comics (ETHBot wins) an NFT as well, and it having some extra perks for the future. Airdropping to MoonshotBots, Sacks and Ethbots holders could be an option.

Another project called CyberKongz made VX models of their 2D NFT avatars which will be interoperable with the Sandbox. Imagine having these 3D models for moonshotbots and ethbots, Itd be pretty cool.

There is much that could be done on this metaverse path, and fortunately much that has already been done and could be leveraged further.


We could link the MoonshotBots, MarsShot Bots, ETHBots, and other frenly forks together, and the NFTs could serve as access passes to like a ‘Coordination Bot District (CBD)’ in a metaverse world (e.g. Cryptovoxels, DCL, Somnium, Atlantis World, etc).

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someone just asked me a very important Q and i wanted to copy the answer here

My wife wants to know if there will be future gamification of the Moloch and Ethbots?

there will be future gamification of the moloch and ethbots if the communitiy wills it and does it :slightly_smiling_face:

the whole schema-change of the metaverse stuff since the LOOT launch, from my perspective, is a distribution of world building from a centralized company to a decentralized group of builders.

GitcoinDAO i bet would be willing to give out tokens to builders like @joshblaylock @MettaHead who do the world building, but the organization is more powerful if its bottoms up instead of top down.

“The game is more fun when we all make it, together.” :blush:


I believe I can help with the writing / lore &. backstory creation. Have been a writer of sorts for many years and now I direct all my energy at web3 daos and digital assets. Full time in the FDD but I always have time for a great story like the greatest Larp. Lets build this thing. Barbadoes is creating a virtual embassy in the metaverse. Let’s be at the cutting edge of this movement so we can protect it from Moloch’s meddling.

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this is really cool. I run Heroic Story, a community that’s building a collaborative storytelling game that’s like a mix of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Dungeons & Dragons. players receive ownership of their creations via NFTs. we’re not minting yet – I’m doing a lot of on-ramping and education for the community into crypto – but our Discord is 2700 members strong and we have a lot of resources devoted to the building of an original fantasy universe that will be owned and governed by its creators.

maybe there’s a way to collaborate and cross-pollinate? joining the telegram now :smiley: